Choose Your Scotland XV

So we’ve taken Vern Cotter’s squad, broken it down by position now you pick who plays where. We’ll collate the results and see how your team compares with the one announced to face Argentina in a couple of weeks time.

We even included the players who have been invited to train, and there’s an optional one at the bottom where you can let us know who you think will be missed the most from those who didn’t make the cut.

12 comments on “Choose Your Scotland XV

  1. Tommo on

    Biggest miss was a tough one , I went for Matt Scott but with Bennett and Dunbar playing so well we actually have 3 strong centres at the right end of their 20s. Which is nice.

    • Tommo on

      Also, with the way the bench is used now you probably should do this game for the full 23, e.g. I was thinking Pyrgos, Russell, Visser on the bench for impact in last 20/25 mins and it would be good for the first two mentioned to be getting game time.

  2. Nicholas on

    This is the first Scottish back line from 10 to 15 that I’m genuinely exited about for a long time. For once, our pack seems to be the weak area of our squad!

  3. pragmatic optimist on

    Surprised that no one has mentioned Peter Murchie. He’s a much more secure full back than Stuart Hogg, and is quite brilliant under the high ball. He was playing out of his skin before he was injured earlier in the season. He could be needed. Stuart Hogg does look vulnerable collecting the bombs.

    • Standoffalot on

      Very much agree. Murchie is a much more secure last line of defense. Safe under the high ball, but also rarely misses a tackle. Hogg has a tendency to be brushed aside a little too easily sometimes. That said, Hogg brings more from an attacking point of view.

  4. pragmatic optimist on

    I like the look of both Heathcote and Russell at no 10, Still not sure what they’ll do when targeted and under severe international pressure. How will they react? Looks a strong squad, but my major bugbear is the continued inclusion of Ross Ford at hooker. He’s caused so many reverses when Scotland have been in good positions, that I find the group amnesia of the Scottish management on the subject quite staggering. Clearly size is everything for them, although he clearly isn’t ‘up to it’ in so many respects.

  5. mike on

    I think Gilchrists injury has saved vern from a difficult situation moving forward with big questions about him meriting a starting place or not. I don’t think they’d do Ross Ford any favours by picking him to start. He has been playing better in the loose this season but his throwing in is still an issue especially in pressure situations. Too much of a risk for me at this stage.

    Biggest miss for me is a fully fit Ryan Grant, although Gordon Reid has been doing a good job at Glasgow, I’m not so sure about the available looseheads, which may put us under pressure in the set pieces against the argies and kiwis.

  6. Hamish on

    Biggest miss for me is John Barclay – don’t understand his continued non-selection.

    Like Fusaro but he’s just too small, not convinced by Cowan and Watson needs a little time before he’s thrust in.

    • Jack on

      Have to agree, Scotland are blessed with a quality out-n-out 7 in Barclay, yet he doesn’t get played. Against South Africa in last year’s Autumn Tests he was one of few who actually performed, could’ve been a lot worse that 4 tries if he didn’t tirelessly slow down their ball

      • Standoffalot on

        Barclay was my biggest miss as well. We have been struggling badly in the loose for a few years now, and it’s not surprising that it has coincided with Barclay’s omission (not to mention playing KB out of position).

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