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Headguards… I’m generally not a fan. As a distinctly average amateur club rugby player in Scotland I have been concussed twice in my ‘career’, both times I was experimenting with wearing a headguard. A combination of loss of hearing due to wind whistling through the ear ventilation holes and a subconscious will to put my head where I wouldn’t normally seem to be the key reasons to blame for both head rattlers.

I also find them sweaty, uncomfortable and a beacon for being penalised by referees…”white scrum cap you’re off your feet”, “white scrum cap you’re killing the ball” or “white scrum cap can you leave the field to be sick?”. They can also be grabbed during outbreaks of handbags too. All in all my experience of them is not a positive one. Whilst spouting off about this on Twitter recently I was politely challenged by a company called Impact (UK) who suggested I try their product and duly shipped me a V2 Premium Vented to wear in a pre-season game.

My first concern was the colour (bright green and yellow, camouflage style) but it came in a nifty bag and seemed to comfortably fit my head so I thought I’d give it a go. The first thing I noticed was that the loss of peripheral vision wasn’t as bad as with other headguards and the strap seemed tighter and more likely to stay in place. It also felt a bit lighter. During the game I’m happy to report I avoided concussion and thanks to the headguard I also avoided some abrasions to my baldly heid. My ears also got some good protection in the scrum too, which was novel.

However, I still didn’t like wearing it and as always I found it itchy, sweaty, noisy and well…just unnecessary. To be fair to the Impact (UK) headguard it’s better than other ones I’ve tried but I think I’m beyond conversion to be honest.

If you want to try one for yourself contact Impact Rugby at or @ImpactRugby

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  1. Coully on

    As a long time wearer,.. from day 1 (at 12yrs old) I’ve worn a scrumcap (have seen trends/designs come and go) due to the fact my father didn’t want me getting cauliflower ears (i should add i’m a lock). Call it a pet peeve but i appreciate headguard seems to be de riguer term but for me,…to my dying day/retirement they’ll be a scrumcap. I feel this headguard nonsense has grown out of backs wearing them.
    The hearing is the biggest thing, I can’t really say about peripheral vision. Granted on a hot day too their fairly unforgiving also, but having played alongside lads who taped their lugs or used vaseline, I can honestly say i’m far happier wearing my scrumcap,… as for brands,… it’s a suck’em and see test really,…you may have to try ones out over a season or so.
    The biggest revolution in technology for these will be when someone makes them machine washable (and they’re not ruined in the process after a few goes).

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