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I’m off at a wedding tonight, so I didn’t have time – or to be honest the inclination – to write up the Edinburgh v Munster game at Meggetland tonight. However if you wish to pass comment on Edinburgh’s performance (they lost 12-55) and direction tonight or throughout the season, highs or lows, then please feel free to do so in the comments below.

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  1. What has happened to Edinburgh. Does this prove that shipping in players doesn’t always work. Why is there now such a gulf in quality and direction between our two major cities. This is supposed to be a professional team and i think there needs to be a major rethink, as having only one performing Scottish pro team is not acceptable.

  2. Edinburgh looked to be improving mid-season it is a shame they have regressed alarmingly in the run in as a top 6 challenge was a realistic aim.

    I still have a wait and see attitude with the Solomons regime. Edinburgh have been poorly coached since Robinson left and Moffat took over and Solomons deserves a proper chance to turn them around. Solomons has struggled in his first year, clearly the squad have not uniformly welcomed the direction he wants to take them. He needs to clear out the squad of some journeyman deadwood, recruit a FH like Heathcote and give some young Scots opportunities.

    As he brought in some of the deadwood it isn’t clear he’ll do it but at least he has identified some of the young players he wants to see come through. Edinburgh must challenge for a top 6 position next year and perform in the new Amlin. I don’t think anyone expects miracles but the minimum is a team with morale, based on a solid defence who try to play rugby. It took Lineen the best part of a decade to build glasgow into a team that could challenge for the play-offs (and what a great job he did) so I think looking for a quick fix is not going to work.

  3. Yesterday was a disgrace. The defence was poor, attacking unfocused and there was a general sloppiness throughout the whole team. Edinburgh need to do some serious re-evaluation this summer or they’re going to lose the few fans they have left.

    They must start getting rid of sub-standard foreign players (Coman, Beizendout, Leonardi, Blaauw) and focus on building a predominantly Scottish squad with talent and depth. Just look at what Glasgow have achieved this season and then look at the number of foreign players in their regular side (2 by the way, Matawalu and Strauss, while Edinburgh’s averages around 6).

    However, this isn’t going to happen straight away and it looks like Solomons is on the right track by bringing in new young players. They desperately need a good FH and a couple of killer finishers given WP Nel was our top try scorer this season.

  4. The season for Edinburgh has definitely turned into disappointment. Mid season though there was a lot of talk about Edinburgh’s upward trajectory in contrast to a falling glasgow – well that changed but the point is let’s not all be knee jerky and fickle. Time is key as many say.

    I think it’s worth remembering that Edinburgh have been without visser for most of the season, a guy who has been the top pro12 try scorer for the previous few seasons and the hot form period was with tonks at fly half, and he has been out since Feb. Factoring in this there I think there is some improvement.

    The shape of the squad for next season will be interesting. I hope a good few of nsq players leave. Sad to see Rennie go but could be very good for him and Scotland long term if Bristol get promoted. Actually of the departing Scottish internationals my only disappointment is that Ford isn’t moving. Imho he would benefit from a fresh environment and Edinburgh could then concentrate on developing some new Scottish qualified bookers. I have high hopes for Cochrane, I was impressed with him when he played for Bedford.

    1. It is a shame De Luca hasn’t found a better club. I think he was good at this level and I’m not convinced that Strauss is an improvement and am disturbed that Solomons seems to want to play Scott at 13. I hope this is not long term as Scott is Edinburgh’s leading back and should be playing in his best position.

      Bezuidenhout is no more than a stop gap and should really be third choice if Edinburgh bring in another SQ FH.

  5. I dont think edinburgh are far away. A few acquisitions in the close season, namely a lock, FH and 13 and a bit of depth, preferably scottish and we have a good, competitive first 15. Our best players are right down the spine of the team, Ford at his best is a great hooker, however its been a while since we’ve seen that, gilchrist, denton tonks at ten, scott and cuthbert make a good spine, players like visser, du preez and grant are good too. Id love heathcote and competition between him and tonks could improve both them and the team as if one gets injured, we dont have rubbish to replace him. Also, 13 is a must position, who is there to play there? Groves at worcester looks good, young, scottish. Possibly look to samoa, fiji etc. they are all naturally fast and strong and we could do with a strike runner in midfield because the wingers dont come inside very often and cuthbert doesnt either, leaving matt scott the only back who can pick holes in defences. Overall though, we arent far in terms of playing staff, its just direction that is in question. I’ll keep the faith though.

    1. Edinburgh have already signed Anton Bresler from the Sharks Super Rugby team so look to have that position covered.

  6. I was watching the game with some NZ coaches and it was all they could do not to fall over laughing at the size of Nel’s belly and they relentlessly mocked his lack of condition and the fact he wouldn’t stand a chance for an NZ super franchise in that state

  7. So – nine more leaving Edinburgh. I wonder if that is the lot of them (to add to Laidlaw, Leonard, Francis, Hunter, Rennie, McInally, De Luca) as there are certainly a few more that should be moved on.

    I hope we don’t see all these players replaced with NSQ.

    1. What if any new signings have been announced? or will that be next week’s news?

  8. just looked at the Edinburgh Accies home of Raeburn place the birth place of international rugby. They look as if they are redeveloping the site why on earth aren’t the Pro side looking to support that site and share it as a home, I know maybe 5000 full house but you could expand that surely??

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