MSN Bit on Kelly Brown for the Lions

Dear Readers,

Apologies for the lack of recent posts; it happens sometimes. We’ve all got other things we work on/at and sometimes they coincide with the moments when we really should be, say, rounding up Scotland’s most successful Six Nations for a few years.

As if by way of apology, here’s a bit I wrote for MSN on the inevitable Lions selection chat:

If you could see your way clear to having a look and then sharing using the links on that page, that would be great (we’re competing against arguments from others that Jonny Wilkinson or Christian Wade would be good choices).

Thanks to Brodie and the lads for some pointers.

Both Edinburgh AND Glasgow are on the telly tonight. So there may be some more rugby returning to your humble Rugby blog soon!


4 comments on “MSN Bit on Kelly Brown for the Lions

  1. John Ellis on

    Kelly Brown should go on the Lions tour purely because he is the sort of player who tours well, no ego, supports others and busts a gut for the cause. Lawes is a worry, injury prone and a bit of a disciplinary concern as well.

  2. Andy K on

    Warburton, Tipuric, (maybe Lydiate), Robshaw, O’Brian, Heaslip, Falatau.

    It’ll be a struggle for KB to break into that team.

    I’m 99% certain Mr Lawes can book up for Tenerife!!!

  3. coully on

    Would like Beattie to go, but it’s unlikely. But Brown would be ahead of Beattie on workrate.

  4. John Ellis on

    Warburton, Faletau and Tipuric should be Lions starters but Brown is just as good if not better than the rest. Wildcard could be Steffan Armitage at Toulon. I still say Brown should go as the squad needs men of his calibre off and on the pitch.

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