Watch Scotland vs Samoa

Despite a failure from the major broadcasters to secure a broadcast of this game, the Samoan Tourist Authority had the game filmed, got some commentators ( former Samoan internationalists Mathew Vaea and George Latu) and stuck it all up on UStream. All very Web 2.0 and massive plaudits to them for sorting it out. So we did get some footage of the game after all, and they uploaded it to Youtube straight away too for us to view at leisure.

My alarm clock failed to wake me up for it so I’m off to watch it all just now. And smash that clock into little, little pieces.

As far as I can see these are the bits you’ll want to see, first half:

And second half:

A report will be up on the site here soon.


3 comments on “Watch Scotland vs Samoa

  1. Angus PD Mackenzie on

    Please pass my thanks to the Samoan Tourist Board for providing us with the only coverage available of the game. (If I had Sky or ESPN, I would cancel my contract immediately!). The great Robert Louis Stevenson would have enjoyed the game as much as we did, as he lies in peace close by. Please also pass my total disdain to the British press for their lack of appreciation that Scotland were also playing a Test series, alongside the other home nations, despite them being the only team to have won all their matches. I could suggest where they might like to find our wooden spoon, but decency prevents me!!

    All the best, and here’s to a cracking 6 Nations return by the boys.


    • Nick Ruthven on

      Totally agree with you Angus! I really struggle to catch the games here in London. The SRU really needs to sort this out.

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