A Team Video Highlights

Scotland A 35-0 England Saxons

Yes, you did read that correctly. Scotland A smashed up England’s second string last night and there is a wee highlights reel below from the folks at Borders Rugby TV who caught the action.

From the sound of things on the radio, everyone had a good game but the names Stuart Hogg, Duncan Weir, Ed Kalman, Matt Scott and Richie Vernon popped up a lot…

There is some frighteningly bad tackling (if you are a Saxons fan) going on but brilliant skill from Weir and Hogg on show too.

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5 comments on “A Team Video Highlights

  1. Alan on

    Please please please let the full England team be as bad as the Saxons who were honking! Some result for the A team – give the full teams boost ahead of this afternoon.

  2. Paul on

    Get rid of the old guard parks etc and get players who can score a try for god sake we play more english than england these days. Forwards snd penalties isnt scotlands game bye robinson after 6 nations please.

  3. observer on

    First and foremost Weir was a bit unsure and that was down to English pressure, Hoggs try was a first class act, he proved for once he did not need to pass, only joking.##Not like Evans today?

    Then with belief came the great team performance that well deserved victory.

    Whats the picks for the next round?

  4. Dave on

    Get these young players in the side now Robinson. They play with a confidence and freedom long since battered out of the more experienced players in the full side. We are not going to score tries until we get some more proper ball players in the backs and dispense with the current one-dimensional lot. Time to go with some new blood. Who was Scotland’s best player on Saturday? A guy on his first full start with less than a full season of pro rugby under his belt. The next best players? A guy in his first 6Ns start (Rennie) and one still in his very early 20s (Gray).

    They probably won’t deliver victories straight away but at least Robinson might be able to point to signs of progress and hope for the future come the end of the champioship. Grow some balls Robinson and take a leaf out Gatland’s book! If you don’t then a Wooden Spoon beckons and the knives will be well and truly out.

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