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After the launch party last week, and Edinburgh Rugby’s victory at the weekend, we thought you might like to see some of your favourite comeback kings with their tops off. For the third year running Edinburgh Rugby players have bared all (well almost) to raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, and for those of you who didn’t rush out after the launch to buy one already, we’ve got a sneak preview.

The Edinburgh Rugby boys spend a considerable amount of time developing their athletic prowess to give them supreme strength, speed, agility and protection for the physical, bruising encounters.  It also means developing a physique with rock hard abs, gluts and guns!

Edinburgh Rugby centre, Nick De Luca, is the main driving force behind the calendar.

He said: “It’s a labour of love that started out when the rugby club began its association with the charity but, three years on, I count the staff charity among my personal friends and hope to support the charity for the rest of my days.

“We do it because charities, unfortunately, are an essential part of so many people’s lives and they need our support. The little help we do can make a real difference to someone’s life. Maggies is a great charity and I’m very proud to be involved.

“Creating the calendar is always a bit of fun but can be a bit of stressful. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and enjoy bossing the boys about but I’m really happy with the outcome and pleased to be part of a project that raises money and awareness for such a good cause.”

Last year the players’ calendar raised more than £14,000 for the charity and this year aims to pass that amount.

Ross Rennie and Netani Talei

Ross Rennie and Netani Talei

This year’s theme revolves around the players’ day-to-day lives in training which seems to involve boxing and some sort of greased-up wrestling with a rope — this updated article will give you a better idea on just what type of boxing equipment is being utilized in the players’ training. It also features a few special rugby guests from outside of the Edinburgh Rugby camp – the best of the rest! We took a look at the calendar and those of you poor souls who miss ogling a one or two of our Welsh or French exiles should be happy indeed. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but their names rhyme with Shorn Ya Want and Tax Heavens.

Ross Ford

Ross Ford

Those who want to appreciate the amount of training the Edinburgh Rugby squad get through can get their hands on all of the complete pictures in the 2012 Edinburgh Rugby Calendar from edinburghrugbycalendar.com, from the Scottish Rugby Store at Murrayfield, www.scottishrugbydirect.com, or in the Greaves Sports Stores on Gordon Street and Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

It’d make a great Christmas present for that special woman/man in your life.

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