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Edinburgh Racing Metro Highlights

In the wake of Sky’s irritating but sadly unsurprising dismissal of the 11 try thriller – that has been called the “match of the decade” by Iain Morrison in the Scotland on Sunday – here are the best we can find to assuage your Twanger (that’s Twit-anger).


(video after the jump)

Fraser found these 3 minutes of tries from the Racing Metro site with some natty music.

Edinburgh Rugby have also provided some with a musical soundtrack featuring more than just the tries:

While I can understand that initially the match might not have been a draw on paper compared to the other matches on that night (Cardiff v London Irish, Saints vs Scarlets), once it became clear there was definitely something worthwhile to watch, a little more time in their highlights show could surely have been devoted to the action from Murrayfield. Especially when most of the other games I saw this weekend were pretty dull and merited little in the way of “highlights”. (If we’ve all got it wrong and there wasn’t actually any footage or the camera conked out half way through I’d be happy for Sky to clear that up). Why complain about endless dull rugby when you refuse to show the exciting stuff?

It reminds me a little of a politician who having stated his position, has to stick to it for fear of people thinking they didn’t know what they were doing in the first place.

Even if it makes them look blindingly stupid.

Of course, the link between market forces and the realities of which matches are shown by Sky with its largely English subscriber base and heavy investment in the increasingly dull-but-effective Aviva Premiership are no surprise to those of us in Scotland.

There is a constant struggle here to get local TV broadcasters to take an interest in rugby in a world ruled by football, or mostly just the Old Firm. There are little outposts at STV and the BBC (shout outs to Eilidh Barbour, Rory Hamilton and Jim Mason), but mostly they are fighting against the tide, Rangers and Celtic still dominate the league table endlessly (sectarian violence is on the rise too).

Contrast this with the RaboDirect PRO12 that may not have the intensity of the Heineken Cup year-round but still throws up good rugby pretty often, and a league table where almost all are capable of a top 4 playoff finish.

And that is the real shame here: this is a match that had 11 tries, a record comeback, the classic sporting drama of a photo-finish and a seasons-biggest crowd for the Scottish home team. Who won.

Isn’t that the perfect match to get people interested in rugby?

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks lots for your effort to show us ” les essais d’un match incroyable”. Also thanks for game tweets and Scottish Radio link. We rocked!

  2. STV really need to get a highlight package editor who understands rugby though…think I’ll scream if I have to watch another ‘highlight’ package that goes from one penalty kick to the other with very little actual game time in between.

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