Am very excited at the news about Richie Vernon giving us an exclusive RWC tour diary, great work to the team holding down the fort while I am away. Apologies for the brief downtime of the site yesterday, traffic must have taken a bump but we should be ok from here on in.

Caught bits of the Aus v NZ and Ire v Eng games at the weekend in various Bangkok bars. Didn’t see all of the games so I thought I’d ask you: Australia looking good – or was it just a flash in the pan? Has Genia picked the perfect time to become the best 9 in the world? England’s defence looked solid (only saw second half), are they timing it right? It looked a bit like Ireland’s second team though, so is there nothing to worry about?

In the mean time check out reader Graham’s Rugby World Cup trailer, Lego style!

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  1. Fraser Lawrence on

    Hiya lads – liking the blog! Sadly I missed the Australia / All Blacks match but it sounds like it was fantastic. I watched the England / Ireland match and thought it was a bit of a strange one.

    England were very fired up and looked like they wanted it so much more. Ireland lost their back row (more or less) and I think were definitely affected by it. Was interesting to see the normal Irish game not firing – it goes without saying that without O’Driscoll they are not as sharp.

    Ireland also turned down a lot of points from penalties so in a “real” game the scores would have been a lot tighter. From a personal point of view I would play Sexton (I would guess he will start in the WC) as when he came on there was a lift in urgency.

    From England point of view it was a good win for them and they should have scored at least one more try but managed a Scotland style end result when it was probably easier to score than not : ) (am Scottish btw).

    Tuilagi looks a scary prospect! – he combined very well with Tindall especially in defence and while maybe not the most creative midfield potentially suit the style England will play.

    Not sure how you take Tuilagi on but for me best way is go straight for him the first chance you have (not in a dirty way I mean) – am looking forward to seeing Lamont or Morrison with a wee head of steam going for him : ) alternatively maybe we could tie his laces together!

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