Rugby and Business

Blog reader Richard writes in with a report of a chance encounter with Roddy Grant recently:

I was at the official launch of a new business in Corstorphine and Murrayfield last week.

Usually this sort of thing bores me to tears, but I am a customer of TaxAssist Accountants – the business that was being opened – so I thought I’d show willing and attend.

To my great surprise and pleasure, (being a person who likes roller coaster rides; I am a huge fan of Edinburgh Rugby and the Scottish national side) Roddy Grant, captain of Edinburgh Rugby, had given up an afternoon to formally ‘cut the ribbon’.

I suppose there were about 50 of us all told in the new TaxAssist Accountants shop and the two speakers before Roddy were very good; one of them being Renee Mackay, whose business it is.  It was with some trepidation, then, that I waited for Roddy to speak (some rugby players are very articulate and others are not)!

I needn’t have worried, though, because he was very good, talking about the similarities between running your own business and being part of sports team… ‘They’re both built on the same foundations,’ he said, ‘of passion, commitment, trust and team work.’

Quite right, too!

Playing rugby is hard… I know how much it can hurt sometimes.  Running your own business is hard, too.  It may be different, but it still hurts when things go wrong and the feeling you get when you win is just a fabulous as you get on the pitch.

If nothing else, Roddy has strengthened the ties between Edinburgh Rugby and the local small business community.  But I suspect he’s done much more than that… I think he demonstrated an understanding of business that’s important for the survival of our rugby clubs and the support they receive from the local community.

Well done Roddy!

Shame he was sin binned on Friday, though.


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