Welcome to the EMC Computer Systems (UK) Limited Autumn Internationals

A new large-named and largely unheard of sponsor was announced for Scotland’s Autumn Tests, to replace the usual bank. I suppose from that point of view it is a change, and less for the anti-banking lobby to whinge about. I’d be quite happy for them to spend my tax pounds sponsoring Scottish Rugby. Pothole, what pothole?

While unfortunately they will not yet be known as the Kenny Logan’ll Fix It Autumn Tests, I think they will find a way to make it catchier – perhaps the EMCSUK Internationals? Okay, maybe not. The SRU have also announced that Guinness has come on board as a “responsible drinking partner” (I could do with one of those), although not as a beer providing partner. However there is no news on the following questions which the SRU really should be looking into:

  • Where has Euan Murray gone?
  • Which standoff with no international experience will Andy pick if Parks doesn’t recover?
  • Who the crap do we pick in the centre?
  • Is that England team announced today any good or just a bit plodding and workmanlike? And doesn’t their kit look a bit funny?
  • Speaking of which, do you need some new sports equipment?
  • (Having done a considerable U-turn on my previous position on Rennie being ready) is there a way to combine the DNA of Ross Rennie and John Barclay into one player?
  • How do we convince Graeme Henry to play Stephen Donald against us?
  • Why are the Scottish and Italian teams the only ones playing this weekend – can’t we have the weekend off too?


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  1. Noel Earley on


    My name is Noel Earley.

    I am on the look out for the Scotland v Ireland ticket from 2009.

    Recently a friend of mine Martin Codyre was paralysed from the neck down. We are going to auction the full set of signed (by O’Driscoll and D’Arcy) tickets for Martin.

    I have all the other grand slam tickets apart from this one.

    I am willing to swap for an Ireland v Scotland 2010 ticket (last rugby game ever at Croke Park).

    My sister lives in Edinburgh so can meet up if necessary.

    I hope you can help.



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