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Bucking the International Trend

Prem 1 hero, Chalmers

As the sporting World focuses in on Wales, we here at SRB like to keep it as insular as possible. No distractions; no half-measures; no common sense. Scottish Club rugby over International events. We aren’t interested unless it’s Craig Chalmers in the Popemobile, thank you very much!

So maybe we’ll need some divine intervention to separate the top teams in this division. While Watsonians and Selkirk prop up the league, everyone else (keep the faith, West!) has a realistic chance of making that top 8.

There’s no reason, then, to be surprised by some of last week’s results.

Currie are getting back to form, at the expense of a Boroughmuir side now facing the stronger teams. Hawks also lost for the first time at the hands of a resurgent ‘Rose… and the less said about the hiding doled out at Mayfield the better. At least I’m still leading(-ish) in our bet!

So this week throws up a few more ties that will be tight. ‘Muir and Hawks face monstrous climbs to get back to the top with the ever-present Ayr and a Dundee side with sky-high morale, respectively.

Oh, and the do-or-die tie between Watson’s and Stirling. Heaven help us! (last one, I swear!)

Here are last week’s results, followed by this week’s fixtures:
(We also hope Craig Chalmers isn’t offended by this picture- he’s just more interesting than the Pope!)

Saturday, 25 September 2010
15:00 Ayr 49 : 14 Selkirk
15:00 Currie 34 : 19 Boroughmuir
15:00 Stirling County 31 : 27 West
15:00 Dundee HSFP 48 : 24 Heriot’s
15:00 Melrose 23 : 17 Glasgow Hawks
15:00 Watsonians 19 : 34 Hawick


Saturday, 02 October 2010
15:00 Watsonians : Stirling County
15:00 West : Currie
15:00 Boroughmuir : Ayr
15:00 Selkirk : Melrose
15:00 Glasgow Hawks : Dundee HSFP
15:00 Hawick : Heriot’s
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  1. That video is class. For a second I thought it would be Newport State of Mind… I can see see “More interesting than the Pope, A.D, Scottish Rugby Blog” as a good pull quote for the cover of Chalmers’ autobiography…

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