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Scotland Team For Cardiff

15 Chris Paterson (Edinburgh)
14 Thom Evans (Glasgow Warriors)
13 Sean Lamont (Scarlets)
12 Graeme Morrison (Glasgow Warriors)
11 Rory Lamont (Toulon)
10 Dan Parks (Glasgow Warriors)
9 Chris Cusiter (Glasgow Warriors) CAPTAIN
1 Alasdair Dickinson (Gloucester)
2 Ross Ford (Edinburgh)
3 Euan Murray (Northampton Saints)
4 Nathan Hines (Leinster)
5 Alastair Kellock (Glasgow Warriors)
6 Kelly Brown (Glasgow Warriors)
7 John Barclay (Glasgow Warriors)
8 Johnnie Beattie (Glasgow Warriors)

16 Scott Lawson (Gloucester)
17 Allan Jacobsen (Edinburgh)
18 Richie Gray (Glasgow Warriors)
19 Alan MacDonald (Edinburgh)
20 Mike Blair (Edinburgh)
21 Phil Godman (Edinburgh)
22 Max Evans (Glasgow Warriors)

Referee: George Clancy (Ireland).
Touch-judges: Alain Rolland (Ireland) and Peter Fitzgibbon (Ireland).
Television Match Official: Geoff Warren (England)

AARGH he almost did exactly what was I thought was required with this selection, but Morrison is still in there and Grove is nowhere to be seen. If Morrison has a donkey adventure day again what is the plan B? Parks to kick it, I guess. Still my feeling is that there is no spark in the 10-12 axis and if you were bringing Parks in, club combinations aside I think someone at least a little tricksy in the 12 shirt would have been nice… Dan will hopefully be looking to show the Cardiff faithful he is worth a punt… Suprised to see Dickinson still in, thought Chunk did enough to bolster the front row to get his start and Murray’s return was pretty much a given.

Oh and Mossy gets his 100th cap, congratulations!

UPDATE: Wales Team: Lee Byrne, Leigh Halfpenny, James Hook, Jamie Roberts, Shane Williams, Stephen Jones, Gareth Cooper, Paul James, Gareth Williams, Adam Jones, Jonathan Thomas, Alun Wyn Jones, Andy Powell, Martyn Williams, Ryan Jones (Captain)
REPLACEMENTS: Huw Bennett, Gethin Jenkins, Bradley Davies, Sam Warburton, Richie Rees, Andrew Bishop, Tom Shanklin

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14 Responses

  1. Not really surprised to see Dicko still in there as he’ll get about the park while Murray is probably tasked with attacking a potentially weak Gethin Jenkins. However, Graeme Morrison must have some sensitive information on Robbo, because blackmail is the only reason he could still be in there.
    Thankfully Parks is quick enough at passing and scared enough of rucking to throw miss-passes to Lamont all day.
    Expect to see alot more backs (Evans and R. Lamont, mainly) running off of those long lineout throws over the top as we look to, *whisper it!*, score a try.

  2. A comment before I start blogging, but the only reason Morrison is in the team is because he is a big lump who is believed to be a big hitter, who is in there purely to act as DP’s bodyguard. It completely lacks any invention though, but then again, the selection of DP is not one that lends itself to invention. Instead we will just take every point we can get and try and form a brick wall. The biggest surprise for me is seeing both Patterson and Parks in the team, I was of the belief that Robinson saw picking just one of them as an evil, albeit, a sometimes necessary one.

    The Patterson and Parks combo makes me think that Scotland will go to new lows in aerial ping pong and we may see the ugliest and least inspired performance in rugby history.

  3. I hope not! It might be interesting to see if Morrison goes off for any reason how they reshuffle…still the long miss pass scares me with Hook on fine running form in the 13 channel. You never know, Southwell might get more of a shot once Mossy gets his 100th cap but it is disappointing to see him and Grove disappear altogether…

  4. But I do like Max Evans on the bench for a couple reasons. I think having both Evans brothers starting is a luxury we can’t afford, he will also offer more coming off the bench as a change of pace runner, and the fact, that with the stop-start season he’s had, he probably doesn’t merit an automatic start just yet.

    This team does make me think that Robinson saw losing to France as a bit of a given so tested some players he wasn’t sure about, I feel very sorry for Grove though.

  5. I reckon if Morrisson goes off we might see Rory Lamont move to inside centre, Max Evans come on and Sean move to wing. I reckon Southwell will get on and it will be very interesting to see where they use him.

    I don’t even know if we’ll see the long miss pass, just lots of long kicks and attempts to defend as far up the park as possible.

  6. My main worry is if it’s a case of “kick for territory then strike when the opportunity arises”, what if the opportunity doesn’t arise – who creates it?

  7. Southwell isn’t on the bench so can’t come on. I don’t know why Robinson insists on ignoring him, considering how well he has played all season in France. I’m a little disappointed with this selection in general as it marks a slight change in direction and, patchy as his play can be, I still believe Godman is the most gifted 10 we have. Southwell would be a better creative option than Morrison at inside centre (and could get us field position) with Sean Lamont outside him to blast through the gaps. I also think Paterson’s all-round game is too weak these days and he is very fortunate to start. There are a number of better options than him at fullback. Murray is a great help up front but Dickinson is a major weakness there. Still think we have a chance, especially with Rory Lamont back, but this doesn’t look like our best team.

  8. jeez, this team will increase my weekend drinking in Cardiff now. Not sure if I’ll be able to watch sober! With a 4a.m. departure from Aberdeen on Thursday it was gonna tough enough!

  9. Iain can you explain Godman is the most gifted 10 we have. I like him at club level but that’s it now. 10’s got to pass,break, tackle, punt, find touch and organise! He’s not doing at least 4 of those!
    I’d have had Parks in against France and Jackson in from then on.
    This could be a nightmare!

  10. When Godman plays well he holds defences and brings in runners far better than Parks has ever managed. He counters better than Parks, and demonstrated this with one excellent break from our 22 in the first half against France. Although his confidence is low and his form poor just now, I think it would be far better to persevere with him in the expectation that he improves as the championship progresses. With Parks, we know what we are getting. He is a solid club performer but very mediocre at international level. His defence is very poor (not even comparable to Godman’s), he doesn’t offer a running threat himself which frees up defending sides to focus on our runners, and his kicking out of hand is not so good as to compensate for these deficiencies. Godman is a better all round player than Parks, and discussions about the other options (Jackson / Hutton) are academic as they aren’t playing regularly for their clubs. Paterson has never shown the ability to play 10, perhaps because he was never given the opportunity when developing as a youngster, and Southwell has had no experience of 10 at club level. Godman certainly isn’t the most gifted 10 in the world, but he is the most gifted we have just now.

  11. The thing about Parks is that he WAS mediocre at international level, then he was dropped, then he was told he had to change his game to be involved in the international set up, then he changed his game, now he’s back in the international set up and people are saying “but he’s an average international.”

    He’s not the perfect stand off but beggars can’t be choosers and he does some stuff exceptionally well. He has improved alot at club level since being dropped by Scotland so he deserves another chance at international level, especially when Godman isn’t playing well, Robinson has no interest in Patterson at stand off and Ruaridh Jackson’s action this season consists of playing full back for Ayr and 1 indecisive start for Glasgow.

    If Jackson is being brought into the conversation at this moment in time, so should Southwell and Blair. It’s a crapshoot, but in back to back performances, just over a month ago, Parks completely outperformed Godman, and they are the only two Scots in contention who regularly play stand off.

    Give Parks a chance, if it doesn’t work, ah well, we didn’t have Dan Carter on the bench.

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