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Compatibility Issues for Euan Murray

Rumours are circulating that Euan Murray may be set to confirm a new-found unwillingness to play his rugby on a Sunday, which would rule him out of selection for the tournament opener against. In the past he has been uneasy on the matter or injury has ruled him out, but both Saints and the man himself (that’s Murray, not God) are so far unwilling to comment on the matter. While Murray is undoubtedly one of the top props in the world, this puts Andy Robinson in a bit of predicament going in to his first Six Nations in charge of Scotland. Can he pick someone else (Moray Low, Geoff Cross) without them feeling they are only a place-holder until there is a game on the right day for Murray? You have to hope that anyone who is put in for that match against France will remain there throughout the tournament if they play well enough. But then again Murray does give us an edge in the scrums. Or will Robbo put the foot down and leave him out altogether a la Simon Taylor? Robbo vs God, it’s an interesting battle. Still, at least those folk who rail against Six Nations games at any time other than 3pm on a Saturday can claim him for their side.

There is an old interview done pre-last Six Nations where Murray talks a fair bit about his faith on the Scotsman site that also offers an amusing (in hindsight) Six Nations preview and even some measured debate in the comments.

UPDATE: this has now been confirmed, Murray will indeed be unavailable for selection for the opener vs France on Sunday 7th Feb.

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3 Responses

  1. It is great to see a top class sportsman stand up for his beliefs. Would to God that the rest of sport would do the same. There are six days for men to go to work and only one which is claimed by God as HIS DAY. Televison determines that sports are played every day of the week. The football calendar no longer exists as I knew it, and shops are bursting at the seams, while the world forces those who believe to accept it. Well done Euan Murray, there is no need whatsoever, to make rugby a god and the tacit acceptance of others to play sunday games as the marketing people want, is no excuse. Single sporting programmes have already taken such a stance, and it has not detracted from their ability to stay at the top of their chosen sports.

  2. Well done Euan Murray for having the courage of your convictions.
    Very hard indeed nowadays for a christian to stand out from the crowd in the way you have, so i commend you for your stand – you will not be the loser for it.
    ‘Them that honour me, I will honour’

  3. disappointed, the SRU pay his wages, the fans turn up in there numbers to see the best possible team turn up. However murray believes he is better than this and does not have to play, im pretty sure god would allow him to play, also disappointed that robinson has allowed murray to walts back into the team and through moray-low out the team, this is showing the wrong attitude to players.

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