New Scotland Rugby Away Strip

It seems a new Scotland away kit has quietly sneaked out

New Scotland Alternative Strip (link fixed now thanks Giorgia)

It’s pretty similar to the old one apart from a) they got rid of the stupid patchy bits that made it look grey and the piping and b) they took the Murray logo off that horrible roundel. Although the Murray logo is still pretty rubbish (and too big, does their designer not know about whitespace?) it is much better than it was.

A new home kit is due to be announced in time for the autumn. Could it be back to basics all round – if so can we have white shorts back too please?

Don’t forget to watch the new highlights show tonight at 5.30pm on STV!

4 comments on “New Scotland Rugby Away Strip

  1. giorgia on

    (hey, psst, link doesn’t work, there’s an http// to many)

    I like that they got rid of the plastic roundel (that thing makes my belly sweat!), still it looks a bit, uhm, anonymous, n’est pas? I wish they could all revert to polo necks, like’em much better.

  2. giorgia on

    (I meant polo shirt-like collars, of course — had to check, didn’t know that in English “polo neck” referred to something completely different from what it refers to in Italian… weird.)

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