Victor Not Pooping His Pants Any More

Seemingly Victor Matfield and the Springboks were only worried about one man in the pack – and he’s gone home.

Euan Murray would have fixed Lions scrum, says Victor Matfield

Thanks to Mark for pointing out the article, may his ankles never have invisible fractures.


5 comments on “Victor Not Pooping His Pants Any More

  1. giorgia on

    Ha! I was saying the exact same thing to a friend of mine, on twitter, earlier today (“I’m so bugged Euan got injured before he even had the chance to actually start. Had he been there, things would’ve been different. :(“)

  2. Dave on

    Watching Vickery was brutal, and along the same line you can’t tell me after the test Lee Mears deserves to play over Ford or Rees.

  3. Rory on

    Not sure, Ford may have done just enough to squeeze onto the test bench with his performance in the draw last night – looked a lot more assured in the lineout and showed up well in defence.

  4. J Houston on

    Hope the South Africa beats the Brits every time. As for the rest of you, make up your mind which country you support…

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