A Scot With Killer Instinct?

Not rugby related, but good luck to Andy Murray as he kicks off his Wimbledon campaign today. Al played his brother once in a junior tournament in Inverness we think. Humpings all round. Back with Lions etc tomorrow. Heard rumblings in the Sunday Times that ex-Bristol man Richard Hill and shatterer of our World Cup dreams Marcelo Lloffreda are interested in the vacant Edinburgh post… also the SRU are re-creating the Director of Rugby to supervise development and hunt for Kiwis with Scottish grannies, but hopefully not interfere with the national team.

One comment on “A Scot With Killer Instinct?

  1. J Houston on

    Andy will be British when he’s winning, and Scottish when he’s losing. That’s how the UK press has always reported these things.

    I wish the SRU wouldn’t play along with this rubbish. I mean three Scots on the Greater England, sorry British, Lions team. “Oh, but they’ve got Geech” – aye, that’s what’s called tokenism…

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