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Frank Hadden Quits as Scotland Coach

According to press reports whizzing about just now, Ol’ Franky baws has jumped, possibly whilst being pushed.


While in recent years the team has lapsed into a fairly inconsistent sort of malaise, I feel Scottish Rugby fans (and players) will always wish Frank Hadden well simply for restoring faith and a little hope in the aftermath of the Matt Williams era. His record in home Calcutta Cups was pretty good and his team notched up an away Southern Hemisphere win, something of a rarity. Okay, Argentina without Llofreda or Hernandez. But – south of the Equator. Live with it.

However (without wishing to kick a man whilst down) he may also be remembered for an over-reliance on reputation (or relationship?) at the expense of form (cough Dan Parks, Marcus Di Rollo cough) whilst stalling before bringing in players who merited a run in that famous navy shirt of ours (Godman, Cairns, Evans, Evans). Should I even mention Mossy and the standoff debate? Sorry, no time – dinner’s ready. Whatever he’s up to next Al and I shall wish him well, as he always seemed a decent bloke. But it is time for this Scotland team to move on. Or try to.

Now talk inevitably turns to: which fool wants the job? Steve Bates/Todd Blackadder/Eddie Jones/Marcelo Llofreda/Bryan Redpath/Rob Moffatt etc etc… Will Robinson and Lineen want to abandon rebuilding the pro-teams, now they seem to be getting somewhere? Can the SRU afford anyone decent? Will a newcomer hang on to Brewer, Steadman and Townsend? Does Tom Smith have any coaching qualifications?

Discussion, as always, in the coming weeks – as the size of Frank’s name in the tag popularity cloud to the right diminishes slowly into the night…

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7 Responses

  1. Nope – sorry completely disagree with Frank going. Most of the blame must lie with the 15 guys on the pitch and they know it. And if they appoint Andy Robinson then God help Scottish rugby!

  2. It does seem to be a foregone conclusion in some circles. I don’t have a problem with Robbo as manager – I think he’d be pretty good – but I’d like to see him continue with Edinburgh to be honest.

  3. I’d prefer if he was allowed to finish what he’s started at Edinburgh myself, but the cynic in me can’t escape the suspicion that as he’s already on their payroll and has done a good job with the A team, he’ll be seen by the SRU as a safe option. That said, they did surprise me by appointing him as Edinburgh coach when they could have made a less ambitious choice, so I suppose there’s heart to be taken from that!

  4. That occurred to me also. Given that one seemed to come out of the blue, maybe they have another trick up their sleeve for this position…

  5. I feel, that as a south african living in Edinburgh, that mr hadden should not have been sacked. The attitude of the players is not helping. I have it on good authority that the team commitment is very very bad. Bring in Jake White!!!


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