Rugby’s Big Shots Stomp on the ELVs But Not Really

News was announced today that a conference of Union members, refereeing bodies and playing associations has recommended several of Rugby’s Experimental Law Variations (ELVs) to  the IRB to be passed into law. For the most part it seems they have kept the fairly innocuous ones – although the 5 metre offside line has come in for criticism of late – such as law 6 or law 22, as well as legalising the things everyone did anyway like taking squint throws at quick lineouts, pre-gripping and lifting. The two “major” ones – dropping rolling mauls and unequal numbers at the lineout will be thrown out with the bathwater in an attempt to keep forwards in the pack and free up more space in midfield. Anything which gives our beleaguered backs is to be applauded. Although it is not yet official, it seems to be set in stone that the IRB would not go against these recommendations, so Munster and Italy will be happy… however still lurking in the background is the “everything’s a free kick” sanctions which are pending further review after being trialled in the Southern Hemisphere. Hopefully that one get’s the heave-ho too.

Now can we get back on with refereeing the laws that are in place – squint feeds, consistency at the breakdown etc?

ELVs recommended to be passed into law:

Law 6 – Assistant referees allowed
Law 19 – Kicking directly into touch from ball played back into 22 equals no gain in ground
Law 19 – Quick throw permitted in any direction except forward
Law 19 – Positioning of player in opposition to the player throwing-in to be two metres away from line-out and the line of touch
Law 19 – Pre-gripping of line-out jumpers allowed
Law 19 – Lifting in the line-out allowed
Law 19 – Positioning of receiver must be two metres away from line-out
Law 20 – Five-metre offside line at the scrum
Law 20 – Scrum-half offside line at the scrum
Law 22 – Corner posts no longer touch in goal

ELVs not recommended:

Law 17 – Maul, head and shoulders not to be lower than hips
Law 17 – Maul, pulling down the maul
Law 19 – Freedom for each team to determine line-out numbers

ELVs sent for further examination:

Sanctions and free-kicks

One comment on “Rugby’s Big Shots Stomp on the ELVs But Not Really

  1. Derek on

    “…Munster and Italy will be happy…”

    Well, Italy anyway. Munster actually seem to have adapted quite well, discovering that they have these seven other players they hadn’t noticed before called “backs” that they can give the ball to and score tries that way…now they can add mauling teams off the park back into their tactical repertoire, they could become a more dangerous team than ever before! Scary…

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