Will we be vindicated once again?

Just a quick post to let you know that BBC Wales have very kindly/foolishly asked me to present the armchair Scottish pundit’s viewpoint on the team announcements and Six Nations in general on their Good Evening Wales show this evening. Listen out if you can!

UPDATE: You can listen to it here for I’m not sure how long – possibly until 6:34pm Wednesday 11th February. I’m not sure if this will work outside the UK. I’m going to try and get a copy to post up here.

DOUBLE UPDATE: My bit was just before 6pm, I think it’s about 1hr50m into the thing.

3 comments on “Will we be vindicated once again?

  1. Al on

    Run Wales, run whilst you can….your decision to run for the hills (singing whilst your doing it – it’s the Welsh way!) will be…wait for it….vindicated!

    I’ll leave Rory to explain why everything he does will forever have to be vindicated….

  2. Rory on

    See updated post which may not be of any use to you if you are not a UK license payer, I’m not sure.

    Also you’ve not joined the fantasy league yet! Time is running out. You can only pick Mossy once.

    Good luck we’ll be cheering Italy on tomorrow!

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