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Ashton gets the boot, should we follow suit?

Bit of rhyme for you there, folks.

So, what we all knew would happen, did. Martin Johnson is to be appointed in some sort of honcho role (“team manager”) by the RFU this week. Brian Ashton will be let go as England coach, and offered some token development posts that he will almost certainly reject. Despite virtually no coaching or management experience whatsoever, expect Johnson to be hailed as the new messiah/Jonny of English rugby. The whole thing does raise a few interesting points, though.

If the SRU were to follow suit – by sacking the friendly schoolteacher-type coach who is failing to fire up the players, and getting in someone with a bit of fire in their belly but not much in the way of practical experience – who have we got as potential candidates?

Gregor Townsend -Does 1 day a week coaching. Has played all over at club, international and Lions level. Probably too nice for the job. Too much coaching experience, too.

David Sole – Scotland’s most recent figure that compares favourably with Johnson. Inspirational (slow walking) leader, Grand Slam winner and Lions winner over Australia. Lots of management experience, just not in rugby. Perhaps a bit further removed from the game than more recent retirees.

Scott Hastings – Probably too involved in media and corporate careers. Another “been there and done it” figure, like his brother Gavin. What about a brotherly coaching double-act?

Any other (less than serious) thoughts – Kenny Logan? David Campese perhaps?

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4 Responses

  1. You’d think that big red button in RFU HQ – marked ‘Panic’ – would be worn out by now!

    I’m passionate, I have an idea about tactics (not good ones I grant you, but ideas all the same) and I got to the final of a touch rugby tournament a couple of years back – give me the job!

    We should approach Jake White now! :-)

  2. At this moment in time, anyone. The most worrying factor is that we haven’t heard a peep out of the SRU and that means that Fwanker is still on course to head the tour to RG Tina.

    I think Bryan Redpath would be good. Right out of the Marc Lievremont style of left field coach pickings, but I reckon a gamble that would pay off.

  3. I think I said in the 6 Nations roundtable ‘thingy’ that I felt Redpath could be an option. As you say it is slightly left field, but barring Jake White being approached I think the SRU will need to start looking outside the box.

    If I was being generous I would argue that maybe the SRU have looked at alternatives and not seen anything they fancy and want to stick with what they have till they can get a better option. But that is almost too sensible so I think the fact we ain’t heard anything is the fact that it would actually involve the SRU pulling a finger out and doing something!!!!

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