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Scotland Win Calcutta Cup

In other news, pig seen taking off from Heathrow…

So the boys did it against all odds and most of the expectations. We drunk rather a lot of beer and ended up in a Chinese restaurant with menus in, well, Chinese. I think we ate Jellyfish. Al is so hungover that he has gone to France for the week with Ms Al, so it is left to me to regale you with tales of derring-do from the muddy trenches of Murrayfield.

The weather was a little interesting, it seemed like four seasons in one minute at some points. This led to rainbows, and rivers of sewage on the streets of Gorgie.

Flower of Scotland was particularly well performed by the crowd. When the band stopped playing and let the crowd continue, I half expected the pipe major to clap his hands above his head and then give us a drum solo at the end.

All in all, the atmosphere was a lot less hostile than the 2006 match, even with the advent of beer at Six Nations games, and more like just another international match. Or as close to it as a Calcutta Cup match gets. Everything was good spirited as you’d hope and expect, apart from the queue-barger at the beer stall who later paid for his insolence when karma collapsed his beer carrying device. I just wish they’d stop booing the kickers, but it wasn’t as bad as last time.

Poor Rory Lamont was knocked out again, which once again took the wind out of our attacking sails a bit. Again he shows ultimate commitment, again he comes off second best to a dangerous (but possibly not malicious) tackle. The referee both times, you would think, would have a responsibility to do something about the safety of players in his care. Step forward J. Kaplan. Rory Lamont seems to have fractured his face which hopefully will not discourage his female fans, though his mother must be having a fairly torrid time of it.

We did manage to turn our little corner of the North Stand (section 18, if you must know) into the headquarters of the Hugo Southwell fan club. By the end everyone was shouting HUUUUGOOOO, even the little kid behind us who kept kicking Al’s seat. In fairness, he did have a storming game (Hugo, not the kid) which makes it a lot easier. If Mossy is on at 10, I think you could argue that Hugo needs to be on the pitch for his tactical kicking.

I don’t think we looked like scoring tries, but then neither did England. I still feared they’d sneak something soft at the end but for once I was reasonably confident in our ability to retain the ball.

As the Scotsman has already pointed out, the back row and breakdown play was a lot more solid perhaps as a result of Andy Robinson’s helping hand. Perhaps also as a result of Simon Taylor’s return to form. “Stroker” Strokosch was immense again. This blog was, to a certain extent, founded on the principles of a “drop Jason White and Simon Taylor until they deserve their places in the team once again” type conversation and on current evidence, picking players on form rather than reputation is starting to bear fruit.

I’ll probably chime in with some more thoughts through the week, including the team announcement, but for now I’ll let you get back to work/hangover (delete as applicable). It always seems kinda fuzzy this side of a Calcutta Cup victory, but it’s like the secret no-one else knows that you can just bring to the front of your thoughts to give you a pick-me-up. Do it now. We won. There, feels better, doesn’t it?

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10 Responses

  1. Posh played like a man possesed! His best game since losing the gloves. Balls-haw is a prick and should have got at least a yellow for dangerous play, although Webster should have got the same later in the game. We have all been brought up being told that when you are challenging and diving for a ball you don’t lead with your knees, it’s dangerous!!!

    Still hungover, trying not to let that put me off the ridiculous smile I’ve had since it sunk in a couple of minutes after that tackle for Jason White.

    I’m also concerned about Dan the twat Parks… I hate him more that I hate Webster, but they both proved they have a place… other than in the toilet handing out paper towels!

    My favorite quote from the day was the English gent sat infront of me say, when Balls-haw first took the ball…. Man, he is an an*s… he’s worse than my mother, I wouldn’t normally say that but she broke her hip last week!

  2. Just to add, if anyone heard chants of Huuuugoooooo coming from North 7, then that was probably me!

  3. I have 4 more days to continue celebrating te Calcutta Cup before Scotland pwns Italy as well like they did with Engerland. I won’t be allowed to be as cheery, then, as, well, I’m not supposed to due to geographical reasons. :D

  4. hello am lookin to see if anyone has a copy of the scotland england match that took place at murryfield last weekend that includes the pre match flags and anthems as i was one of the boys holdin the flag and belive i had a sweet moment of fame and have been so far unable to see it…. so if any one has a copy or a link to where i may be able to find it i would b ever so greatful if it cld b posted here… thanks dale buchanan

  5. Dale, I’ve taken your email addy out so you don’t get swamped by junk but if anyone has a solution let me know and I’ll pass Dale’s email on. You can usually see the match on the BBC iPlayer for a week afterwards I think but that will probably have expired. You can also sometimes find a torrent of the game to download on sites like Mininova though of course we don’t fully condone that… ;)

  6. Dale, I do have it! :) I’d even uploaded Flower of Scotland on youtube, but of course RBS Six Nations Ltd. made me take it down. Anyways, I recorded the whole match via web (vcast/faucet) – only it’s off the Italian broadcast, so I’m afraid you’ll hear silly Italian tv commenters’ voices, too.

    I’ll edit the pre-match + anthems bit, upload the file somewhere and then post a link here (if it’s ok for Rory and Al, of course – otherwise somebody please let me know how can I send it to Dale. Cheers! :)).

  7. Dale – don’t know if Rory here ever received my email message re: the video you’re looking for, anyways, if you read this please drop me an email at operabouffe AT gmail DOT com and I’ll send you the video. :)

  8. I passed on your message of course! Dale I think was having trouble accessing the file, but I’ve directed him to your email so I am sure he’ll be in touch. All part of the service here at Scottish Rugby Blog!

  9. Rory – thank you! :)
    (in fact there must be a problem with megaupload servers or something, so I’m uploading the file again on rapidshare and – hoping things work properly this time – send the link directly to Dale. :) )

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