Cipriani’s chance turns to a Pumpkin…

Breaking news today that Danny Cipriani, the new Wunderkind of English rugby, has been dropped from the English squad to play Scotland this coming Saturday. According to reports Cipriani was seen sneaking out of a nightclub after midnight and Brian Ashton has taken the hump with Cipriani’s late night escapade and has dumped him out the squad. Cipriani will now line up for Wasps at the weekend.

Reports that Cipriani was seen canoodling with Jodie Marsh on the back of a giant pumpkin pulled by a team of mice in waiters jackets have yet to be confirmed…

For the benefit of the lawyers that last comment was for humorous purposes!

Over and out…


Alan Kerr is a long time rugby lover and occasional player for Broughton FP RFC. Site co-founder Al prides himself on offering the "man on the bus" view of Scottish Rugby!

8 comments on “Cipriani’s chance turns to a Pumpkin…

  1. Rory on

    Oh dear what a silly lad. This means that Scotland get to kick high balls at Balshaw instead which is a little more re-assuring, touch wood.

    He’ll miss out on the chance of a pint of Best in Edinburgh’s fine hostelries, unlike myself and the rest of team ScottishRugbyBlog at the weekend!

  2. Rory on

    It seems that he was only dropping off match tickets to a mate, was there for half an hour and doesn’t drink. So perhaps after all it is a bit of an over-reaction. If Shaun Edwards says it was all right, I’d go with what he says. For fear of getting punched.

  3. Al on

    Very naive though, schoolboy error and all that. Ashton is just setting down the law, whether he was out on the lash or not he shouldn’t have been out at such a late hour – maybe there is a curfew in place. “Stupid boy….”

    My earlier comment was around whether only 2 people constitutes a team?

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