It was the bounce of the ball

My esteemed colleague Al (Scottish Rugby Blog’s own “bad cop”) will no doubt chime in with a hatchet piece at some point in the week, and it will take me a while to digest the slapping we took on Sunday – not to mention the beer on Saturday night – but for now I will say this: rugby balls have been the same shape for a good number of years now. Surely professional rugby players should be able to account for this when running headlong towards it? And if not, surely it wouldn’t be the most strenuous of coaching sessions to take 30 seconds to point out to them that it looks like an egg, and may behave accordingly?

One comment on “It was the bounce of the ball

  1. Jonny on

    What is a shame is how Frank conveniently blamed the loss on the bounce of the ball AND Alain Rollaind! Grow a set of balls Frank and admit it was the team’s (and your) fault. If he cannot, then why do we persevere with him as coach?

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