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Clamouring For Change

Be careful what you wish for: you might just get it…

The thing rugby fans most often herald as the reason they value rugby over any other team sport is the diversity inherent to the game. It draws on many different types of people to play it, but it also appeals to a wide variety of fans. The game is watched over by different types of official, they are in turn watched over by other officials with varying roles and responsibilities and there is an inherent respect for all involved.

Brian Moore’s Thoughts on the Scrum

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Whilst trawling the web last week I found this piece which I thought might be of interest, in which Brian Moore proposes a series of ideas to have scrums refereed properly.

(note: contains much technical scrummaging chat)

It’s well worth a read, and we would of course be interested in what any of you thought about how the scrum could be improved/fixed/left as it is… comments below as usual.