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Club Rugby Is Back

The RBS Leagues return with Premiers A, B and C. Alan Dymock tells you why you should get to a game this Saturday between Heienken Cup fixtures.

Prem 1 Starts Again!

After what seems like months of watching International and 7s news flash past, hearing about League restructuring and ignoring the notion that clubs will be offered one more crack at forming bonds with the Pro teams we can all relax. It’s back. Premier 1 rugby is starting again this weekend.

Chopping and Changing

A lot has been made in recent days of the renewed proposal for restructuring the leagues in Scotland. The ‘Season Structure Working Party’, comprising of representatives from Premier 1 to the Regional Leagues, has put forward its proposal (pretty much identical to that tabled in 2010) and is hoping to implement changes as early as […]

Premier One Still Up In The Air

At this point in time we know who is playing in Premier One next season, but we still don’t know who will start that season as the title holders.

Is It Snowing?!

As everyone in Scotland is petrified of snowballs and the club game looks set to go into cold storage (awful, awful pun…) I suppose it is time to have THE debate. One that rages on, almost as passionately as the debate old bufties still have about pro rugby “being a terrible idea.” Yup, it’s that […]

Getting Change From Brass Tacks

Things round here are getting almost as combustible as a Fedex parcel on the 5th of November. Not to mention fairly complex. The Scotland squad have no idea how easy they’ve got it! Sure they have had to do days of “minging bosh” (Jim ‘The Bear’ Thompson) on a windswept park in St. Andrew but, […]

Scottish Rugby News and Opinion