Getting Change From Brass Tacks

Things round here are getting almost as combustible as a Fedex parcel on the 5th of November. Not to mention fairly complex. The Scotland squad have no idea how easy they’ve got it! Sure they have had to do days of “minging bosh” (Jim ‘The Bear’ Thompson) on a windswept park in St. Andrew but, then, they have everything neatly set out for them.

Unlike the Scottish Premier Clubs. Yeah, we knew the new league systems would take some getting used to but we had no idea it would become a bureaucratic nightmare. The problem was that each team wants a fair split of home and away games over a season, but with the size of leagues being chopped down to 8, it is impossible to get a fair split. The Blazers at Murrayfield inexplicably took an extra day to pour over these potential fixtures. Furthermore, with every club wanting the most home games someone had to lose out and, with unbelievable rumours of this coming down to a coin toss, Dundee and Hawick got the bullet and have to play away games they have already experienced this season. There are some unhappy campers out there!

So here are how the leagues are set up now;


And here are the fixtures for the top eight and the first games for the middle eight;

Ayr v Dundee
Glasgow Hawks v Boroughmuir
Melrose v Heriot’s
Ayr v Glasgow Hawks
Currie v Melrose
Dundee v Boroughmuir
Heriot’s v HawickPREMIER A (TOP EIGHT), ROUND 3
Melrose v Ayr
Glasgow Hawks v Currie
Boroughmuir v Heriot’s
Ayr v Currie
Glasgow Hawks v Melrose
Heriot’s v Dundee
Hawick v Boroughmuir
Ayr v Boroughmuir
Dundee v Glasgow Hawks
Currie v Heriot’s
Melrose v HawickPREMIER A (TOP EIGHT), ROUND 6
Hawick v Glasgow Hawks *
Heriot’s v Hawks *
Boroughmuir v Melrose
Currie v Dundee *PREMIER A (TOP EIGHT), ROUND 7
Heriot’s v Ayr
Melrose v Dundee *
Boroughmuir v Currie
Glasgow Hawks v Hawick

Aberdeen Grammar v Stirling County
Edinburgh Accies v Selkirk
Watsonians v Gala
Peebles v West of Scotland

Yep…different, isn’t it! Thank the Lord everything will get easier from here… unless you get relegated from Premier C because there are also rumours circulating about Premier 3 getting dispersed into regional leagues. Wow. That should make thing…ermmm…different? The good news is there will be plenty more meetings on the horizon. Dust off that tweed number…  

Of course, we had to get here, and it wasn’t easy. In round 10 we had some ridiculously high scoring affairs (Selkirk lost to Hawks 92-0 and Dundee beat West 92-7!). Yet the real shocks came in the final round as Ayr lost to Currie and Melrose just edged Stirling to ensure there is nothing between Melrose, Hawks and Ayr at the top of the league. Here were last week’s results;

Saturday, 30 October 2010
 14:00   STIStirling County20:24 MELMelrose  
 14:00   WESWest29:64 HERHeriot’s  
 15:00   CURCurrie24:12 AYRAyr  
 15:00   WATWatsonians30:39 DUNDundee HSFP  
 15:00   BORBoroughmuir10:39 GLAGlasgow Hawks  
 15:00   SELSelkirk0:25 HAWHawick

*As well as this, the next round of matches sees the family bet get more intense as games get tougher. As it stands the scores are, in order;

Alan Dymock-     10pts

Andy Dymock-      7pts

Neil Dymock-        5pts

*Also, a quick mention for Andrew Easson, who retired from professional rugby yesterday. All the best, mate. You’ll be alright…

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Dundonian Alan has played rugby all over the world for various teams including Dundee High School, Heriot's and the Scottish Club International. Now writing from London he covers all issues international and unreported.