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The Six Nations Truth Table

The Truth Table
Graphic © Stuart Reid


2024 Guinness Six NationsSat 10th Feb 2024Murrayfield, EdinburghKick-off: 2:15 pm (UK)16-20


Referee: Nic Berry (RA)| TV: BBC Sport

Stuart got in touch to tell us about the alternative reality that Saturday’s game forced him into. So here it is, the Six Nations Table where Scotland won. To be continued after each round…?

This table is a parody. It reflects an alternative reality where Nic Berry awards the last minute Scottish try against France in Round 2 of the 2024 Six Nations. The motivation for creating this site is purely a therapeutic process to come to terms with what happened on that fateful afternoon in Scottish Gas Murrayfield. 

1 IRELAND 2 2 0 0 74 17 57 11 2 2 10
2 ENGLAND 2 2 0 0 43 38 5 4 5 0 8
3 SCOTLAND 2 2 0 0 48 46 2 5 6 0 8
4 WALES 2 0 0 2 40 43 -3 6 5 3 3
5 FRANCE 2 0 0 2 37 59 -22 4 7 1 1
6 ITALY 2 0 0 2 24 63 -39 3 8 1 1

As a Scotland fan I live in a world of ‘might-have-beens’ and this is now my shrine. 

Hopefully it gives other fans a grain of comfort as it has done me.

Stuart Reid

8 Responses

  1. The TMO was innocent, and there are many who are guilty of not seeing why..this is my take and best looked at threw a magician’s eye.
    There were two balls,a little white ball without graphics and a big ball with..neither were grounded.least he coudnt see the big ball grounded as the dark graphical band masked the connection with grass.The illusion began and the confusion kicked in,his eye/brain were being tricked…the gloom ensured that.Ultimatly,he based his decision on what he could see..the little white ball which he could clearly see wasn’t grounded.
    I put it to you..would a pure white ball helped him?

  2. This table is not a parody.

    Have to applaud Stuart and Rory for producing this. Pls maintain it throughout the tournament.

    Hopefully this gets picks up by all other media, blogs, Netflix and the team itself. If this isn’t yet on all social media – pls get it there.

    Well done, this means something!

  3. If you are going to put something like this out, please make sure it is formatted correctly. The columns don’t match up. Presumably there is a “D” for match drawn heading missing?
    I also think Finn would definitely have got the conversion. ;)

    In any case, not sure how therapeutic it is, but certainly made me smile (grimace?).

    Good to see Kinghorn and Nel back from injury and Watson back in the mix.

  4. I am not someone who condemns Finn for doing Finn things as I get it. Good and bad etc.

    There are two aspects that I think happen far too often with major negative affects. The poorly executed grubber that hits the defensive line putting us under pressure. Nearly cost us the Welsh. Many incidents over recent years of this costing us.

    Then the kicking randomly a loose ball and hope for the best. Did cost us against France as he hit Pierre scrum down. French cheated and scored the winning try.

    I think a little analysis would show huge negative affects of these consistent incidents that these particular plays aren’t worth the risk.


  5. Hope this gets updated….however looks like the lack of bonus points will cost us too…with an Irish Bonus point win against…means championship is done regardless of whst we do

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