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Podcast: Episode 84 – Scotland v Russia Preview

Scotland v Russia
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Cammy and Al look ahead to Scotland’s clash against Russia in Pool A of the Rugby World Cup. We discuss all the possible outcomes of Pool A and consider whether Scotland really have anything to fear other than themselves in the final two pool games.

Elsewhere we get our hands in the ruck over squint feeds, anti-Scottish bias in the mainstream media and look whether or not this World Cup is any worse than 2015 in terms of players being sent from the field of play.

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10 Responses

  1. Haven’t listened yet but hoping that you got all the permutations out correctly. I’m sure you did.

    So many folks out there (ITV I’m watching you) with stupid analysis. Ian Geech saying if we don’t get a bonus against Russia that’s it done. No it’s not. We can still win through with 4 tries and winning by more than 8 points against Japan.

    It’s not insane to say that a no bonus point win against Russia makes it harder but much more clear cut against Japan. We have to get 4 tries and thrash them. It is very possible that we get stuck between a rock and hard place in a winning position and not sure what to do and end up with no time left to recover from a last minute penalty etc holding the advantage by a thread to that point.

    I’ve watched the highlights of our match against Japan in 2015 and the highlights make it look comfortable. I don’t remember it being that way. Has anyone watched match back recently? It was only the 2nd match in too so no one had the points on the board like this situation as yet so less ultimate pressure. The Samoa match was the pressure match.

    I’d imagine Samoa and Japan have swapped effectively. I think all outcomes are possible but including beating them with a bonus comfortably. It would be very Unscottish of us but if it comes to pass I said it first….

  2. Don’t want to alarm anyone but…….

    On the fantasy rugby, George Horne is listed as a Stand-off!!!

    Maybe they know something we don’t – Japan certainly won’t be expecting it!

  3. Correct sorry!

    This is too short a post for the forum to accept so I’m writing this to make it longer.

    1. We hopefully will have 10 points after Russia so we need to get along side them on points so anything that only has a 4 points gap between us at end of match will do it. 4-0 5-1. 5-2 or 4-1 is not good enough for us.

      Assuming we get enough against Russia which makes our PD better than Japan then if Ireland are on 15 and if we beat Japan they can’t get a better PD than us so we will go through if we all end on 15 points.

  4. Looking forward to listening to this. On the media: it’s interesting that practically every Scotland story mentions our imports, but I haven’t seen a single mention of Japan’s 15 residency-qualified players…

    1. Also, is anyone else concerned about the impact of the rain predicted on our chances of beating Japan?

      1. The rain should make it more difficult to score but in affect a 9-0 will do us fine. If they start to score tries then you have to worry but then even in their dominance against Ireland they only scored one and struggled against Samoa to get two tries in 77 mins. Laidlaw will hopefully keep the scoreboard ticking over with pens and if we get a try early and a gap then we should hold them off. Ireland didn’t do this and so we should take heed of this.

        The podcast is excellent full of sensible chat and calls out the blatant wrong and sensational media stuff that has been coming out for the last week or so.

        Still think Peyper has to be questioned for his squint feed call. Yes it’s in the law yes it is correct but when that call hasn’t been made in years to be called then at a crucial stage it is terrible decision making. that has to be highlighted. Any squint feed called at any match against any Tier 1 side in the quarter-final or beyond at that time of a match with the result on the line would cause huge uproar why is this different? They is also a point earlier where Japan were driving over the line with advantage and he stopped the scrum due to safety. The correct call there was probably penalty try. Again a poor decision.

        Japan are still a Tier 2 side and I think we’ll beat them comfortably eventually but Sunday will be a Sabbath with some nerves somewhere no doubt.

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