Scotland U20s 32-28 Ireland U20s

Scotland U20s consolidated a decent showing against New Zealand with a first ever win over Ireland at this level, scoring some super tries in the process.

Ireland are no slouches having reached the final last year, but a loss to Italy now means that they could struggle to get out of the pool while Scotland are still in the hunt.

The men in green took the first try against the run of play but Scotland hit back with a super full pitch try showcasing some great offloading skills. Fraser Renwick took his second try of the tournament to cross for a 12-10 half time lead.

Prolific winger Darcy Graham was again on the scoresheet in the second half as Scotland tried to stretch out a lead but the Irish were never far away.

Here are the official highlights via World Rugby:

And some captures of the full game:


Victory leaves Scotland second in Pool B with Italy still to play on Thursday 8 June, kick-off 10am BST ahead of the senior international on Saturday in Singapore, which will be broadcast live on the BBC.

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23 comments on “Scotland U20s 32-28 Ireland U20s

    • James on

      Does that mean it is Scotland v Italy for second in the group? What do they need to do/ can they make it into the top 4 play-offs?

      • Mikelinds on

        Beat Italy with a BP and pray for some unlikely results. Best hope is like last year, beat Italy and play in the 5 – 8 place games with no fear of relegation. Hopefully do better than 8th.

      • Andrew McGavin on

        To expand on Mike’s post, if I’m reading the tables correctly, to get in the top 4 Scotland would need a bonus point win against Italy + the following results:

        POOL A: England beat Australia (+ no bonus points for Australia)
        POOL C: Georgia beat or draw with France

        Unlikely, but far from impossible…

  1. JP on

    What a game that was! Some scintillating rugby from the lads. I really feel like there’s a consistent brand of rugby that’s being coached throughout the upper echelons of the game just now as Glasgow, Scotland, the under 20s and the 7s seem to all play an exciting, expansive game (which granted you’d expect from the 7s) but with some steel and structure in defence. Hopefully cockers can bring some semblance of stability to Ed and start getting the best out of players like Kinghorn…

    Also, a few weeks ago I was a bit disappointed that some of the younger players weren’t touring with the senior squad but having watched the Ireland game this morning I think I was totally wrong… creating a winning environment at all ages is important and when the players who won today come up against Ireland in the 6 Nations in a few years, they’ll look at their opposite numbers I think “well I had you a few years back, no reason to think today’ll be any different”

    • Mikelinds on

      Good point about the coaching. There is definitely a consistent theme. Also agree about the winning mentality. All of these guys will be better served playing in this tournament rather than ‘squad joining’ with Gregor.

  2. MK on

    Great result lads playing superb rugby too. Not just that but, and apologies I understand this is a rugby site! Scotland under 20s footballers beat Brazil for the first time in thier history at any level (a la Sco 7s v New Zealand), again playing great football. FINALLY can we be dragging ourselves out from the doldrums sporting wise!! Fingers crossed!!

  3. TeamCam on

    That’s more like it chaps! And they left at least two tries out there! Ireland’s defence was very good, but if our lads could cut down on the handling errors then that would’ve been even more convincing. Can’t wait to see the likes of Graham playing at the top level.

  4. The Chiel on

    Simply beating Italy would be an excellent result – their schedule allowed for a lot of changes against the ABs and so fresher legs against us. On form so far there’s little between us, Italy and indeed Ireland.

      • Ade on

        No injuries mentioned in the team announcement for the Irish game on the SRU website, and nothing regarding injuries on their post match report either, so hopefully nothing beyond bumps and bruises. Injuries did for the squad last year, so fingers crossed for this year.

  5. Robbie on

    Great to see some consistency of performance at this level now. The coaching from Dalziel and his team is clearly first rate. Interesting to see the contrast with Ireland, who are looking to focus on territory and set piece dominance, whereas Scotland are clearly following a tempo & width approach, which is great as it suits our physical profile and puts the emphasis on talent and application over established combinations.

    Beating Italy U20s will be a tough ask as they’re no mugs this year, but if they can cut out the errors that allowed Ireland to stay in the game, they should have the skill and pace to get past them. Not allowing them penalties with which to go to the corner will be critical.

    If my calculations are correct, next year’s team should also be pretty high quality – hopefully Scotland can pinch back Cameron Redpath from the England setup as he would round out what is likely to be a very talented backline.

  6. Jamie on

    Great result beating Ireland. They have made such a turnaround from the wales game in 6 nations whrn they got humped.

    The packs looking stronger and the backs dangerous. Good work!

    • Rory Baldwin on

      As per press release Scotland vs Italy from Singapore is Saturday 1pm BST on BBC One Scotland. Guess it may well be available on BBC website too.

  7. Niddrie Exiler on

    Thanks Rory I’m down here in the south and wondered if anyone knew how to get BBC one Scotland on the i player?

    • Lairgboy on

      If you have sky you can also change which BBC you receive in settings. I assume yours will be bbc London or something like that, but you can change it to bbc Scotland. Its easy.

  8. Niddrie Exiler on

    Thanks lads, I have the firestick so changed location to Scotland. Let’s hope we have a good game to watch and the right result. The team looks good

  9. Steve Speersoon on

    A talented generation of Scottish players and probably a good step forwards. This game is like the others already played : better and better, this team is going pretty well.

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