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Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 5 – Salacious Biggar


The fifth episode of our podcast is now available in the usual places. This week Cammy is joined by Rory, John and Gav is back after a short break. We look back at Scotland’s victory over Wales at BT Murrayfield, have our legally mandated Lions chat and wonder why Rory and Cammy are so bad at the Superbru fantasy league despite trying really hard. There’s a Warren Gatland midlife crisis update (has he been comfort eating?) and we compare Dan Biggar to a very minor Star Wars character.

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16 Responses

  1. How about an alternative, alternative Lions XV, made up of guys that come across as likeable, decent sorts who you enjoy watching?

    I’ve allowed Italian and French players, but no Scots as they are all lovely. (Okay, one Scot, see reasons below)

    1 – ?
    2 Luke Cowan-Dickie
    3 Kyle Sinckler
    4 Joe Launchbury
    5 -?
    6 Simone Favaro
    7 Justin Tipuric
    8 Louis Picamoles
    9 Ruan Penarth (really struggled with a scrum half as I’m an ex back row and never liked any of the gobby so and so’s but I’ll miss Pienaar when he goes)
    10 Andy Goode – sure he’d come out of retirement for this
    11 Christian Wade
    12 Wesley Fofana
    13 Michele Campagnaro
    14 Jack Nowell
    15 Chris Paterson

    All players I enjoy watching for the attitude they bring to the game and the skills they display.

    Mossy gets in because he should have went in 2005. How the likes of Hodgson, Lewsey, Hickie, Horgan and Balshaw went in front of him will never be justified.

  2. Good podcast chaps – with reference to the discussion re the reset scrum rule for Webbs near miss. Looking at replay, ball goes through Gordy Reids legs and out under Watsons nose – so not out the tunnel, therefore ball is live I think.

  3. Sorry gents, this was supposed to be on the Scotland v Wales player rating page. Don’t know how I managed to put it on here – not even listened to the podcast yet!

      1. Obviously no prospect of keeping Vern. Does raise an interesting question – did the SRU not have confidence Vern would deliver these results or did they just not think that was enough?

        Given the only thing Cotter lacks is a Scottish birthplace, who put this at such a high premium? It is fair to say that almost all the key public-facing senior positions are held by non-Scots (Dodson, Johnson, Cockerill, Rennie next season), so maybe that is their consideration. But winning trumps anything else as good PR. I just hope they have assurances that Townshend intends to stay on beyond the world cup and this wasn’t a short term fix. The improved coaching at Glasgow and Scotland has done more than anything else at raising the standards of our game recently IMO.

  4. Brilliant podcast boys, and the jingles are starting to improve. In serious danger of starting to put a polished product together …on 2nd thoughts …

  5. Really enjoyed this weeks pod, good combo of people involved. Best one yet, by a long way I’d say.

  6. Regarding Seymour’s try and Davies’ high tackle…unless, I missed you guys talking about it, am I only the person who thinks that if he hadn’t grounded it, it should have been a penalty try? My understanding in the case of illegal tackles, is that the assumption is the tackler is no longer there. If Davies had been able to get him into touch before grounding, then remove him and, voila, a penalty try. In those circumstances, almost certainly a yellow card as well.

    1. Although I’ve not said so on the Pod, that’s a fair point & I’d said a penalty try would’ve been the only decision if Seymour had been stopped by high tackle. The same incident happens in South Africa vs Wales (Liam Williams) and he goes to the bin as well….so there is precedent.

    2. Smidge….I agree with you in principle. But I’m very glad we didn’t have to see this tested.
      The high tackle directive seems to be going the way of the scrum put in directive i.e. we are quickly reverting back to the bad old ways of doing things. In the event of Seymour not grounding it, I could well have imagined the TMO/ref chat saying that Seymour was going down when the tackle came in, there was nothing malicious etc. and then Wales end up with 15 men and a scrum put in on the 5 meter line.
      I also recall that Lacey only asked ‘try yes or no’ and didn’t ask for the tackle to be checked should the answer to the first question have been ‘no’. This would suggest he hadn’t seen it as a high tackle in real time. No criticism intended of Lacey here, I thought that overall he had a very good game.

  7. Regarding nicknames – Rob Harley is Lord Faramir. At one point this afternoon he looked like he was surveying Scotstoun for invading Orcs, and couldn’t wait to get at them…..

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