RIP Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu passed away yesterday aged just 40, after battling kidney problems for half his life that forced him to stop playing the game the he loved so much.

Despite being forced to keep his boots in the locker, he was a figure never far from the heart of it. Jonah had just returned from working here over the Rugby World Cup, and he appeared in the Heineken ad that peppered half-time breaks. He was the Tiger Woods or John Madden of his time, lending his name to a well-loved rugby video game, and was also the idol of a generation of players in the Pacific Islands and beyond, who grew up pretending their little brother was Mike Catt.

So here’s an appropriate video, for an era in which large parts of World Rugby had no answer to Jonah once he hit full stride.



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7 comments on “RIP Jonah Lomu

  1. John Anderson on

    Wow… I remember that game but seeing it again look at the man! I mean seriously that stride, the power and the line he ran from 11… Just sensational. The single reason I started watching rugby, a true gent and the best…. The world is a lesser place today!

  2. Allan on

    What a great player and lovely bloke he was. I remember watching him play for NZ Barbarians against England at Twickenham and sending Dallaglio backwards at a rate of knots! Helluva player. Taken far too soon.

  3. Andy N on

    ach, this left me absolutely scunnered – seemed like a top bloke and heart breaking for wife and kiddies. RIP big man

  4. BigAl on

    I was at that game. Biggest boo ever at Murrayfield when he unselfishly passed to the English hooker when he should have dotted down himself. Stood to applaud when he went off! Incredible player. Gone but not forgotten.

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