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Scotland Unveil New, Surprisingly Decent Kit

Tim Visser, Stuart Gray and Stuart Hogg
Tim Visser, Stuart Gray and Stuart Hogg - pic courtesy SRU

The new Scotland rugby shirt was described as a “classic reborn” by new kit suppliers Macron at today’s kit launch at Archerfield Gold Club in East Lothian. There is no piping and a marked absence of non-standard colours such as orange, purple or gold on the main strip.

So far, it looks a winner. But there’s a reason for that – the fans.

Back in February fans were given the opportunity to submit designs to the governing body and, following an overwhelming response, a jersey drawing on the influences of many of the entries, which clearly defined what supporters were looking for, has been produced. So there’s a clear swelling of support amongst fans for Scotland to get back to their traditional basics on the pitch, starting with the shirt. And one lucky fan whose design was chosen as the inspiration was taken over to Italy to see the new strip being produced.

Michael Fedo and Colin Gregor
Michael Fedo and Colin Gregor in the new sevens kit – pic courtesy SRU

With the final jersey design drawing on many of the competition entries, a shortlist of four entrants were asked to submit a short explanation on the reasons behind their design from which a winner has been chosen.

Stuart Gray (33) said: “The Scotland shirt is a significant piece of clothing for many people, so I’m blown away and incredibly proud to have had an influence in the design of this new piece of kit.

“It was amazing seeing it for the first time and watching it come off the factory line, but at the moment it doesn’t feel real that I had an input in the final design.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to prepare myself for when the team first run out at Murrayfield wearing the jersey, it’ll be amazing and so exciting.”

They will first play in it on Saturday 9 November against Japan at Murrayfield, and it is navy blue with a white collar as we all hoped but few expected. The traditional thistle design that featured on the 1990 Grand Slam winning jersey will be subtly embossed on the back.

The Scotland 7s shirt, which was also released at today’s fashion show, sticks with the more traditional look but varies with a purple shoulder panel across the top and white stripe detailing ander the arms. Given the colourful nature of many Sevens shirts,

Scottish Rugby’s Chief Executive, Mark Dodson, said: “We’re delighted to unveil our flagship shirt today, the first product of our biggest ever sponsorship deal.

“We have been blown away with the engagement from our fans with over 200 entries coming in since February. We believe this will be a very popular jersey with its modern design technology underpinned by traditional influences.

“I personally cannot wait to see the team and the fans wearing it for the first time at our game against Japan in November at Murrayfield.

Stuart Hogg models the new training kit
Stuart Hogg models the new training kit – pic © Alan Dymock

As well as the official playing jersey and premium Macron kit range, a value for money line will be available, called the Murrayfield Collection, comprising of a traditional cotton rugby shirt, hoodies and polos.

Macron’s CEO, Gianluca Pavanello, said: In Macron we’re really proud of this new partnership and we have been working on the development of the new uniforms for many months in collaboration with Scottish Rugby. Since our first meeting we have already created a very special bond with Scottish Rugby which has allowed us in a very brief period to understand the mood of the team and its supporters in order to best service them.

“We aim to create a collection that is unique and deserving to its passionate fan base across the rugby world. The new collection will be characterised by quality and attention to details, typical of the “Italian haute couture”. I’m confident that both players and fans shall appreciate and reward our efforts as a bespoke collection that symbolises the nation as well as the core values of the federation.”

Tim Visser in the new Scotland kit
Tim Visser in the new Scotland kit – pic courtesy SRU

The kit is available in shops from tomorrow (Friday 2 August) and Macron are offering fans who purchase the shirt a special prize giving supporters the chance to win VIP hospitality tickets for the forthcoming Autumn Test match against Japan.

Fans purchasing a new Scotland shirt will find a special label attached, featuring a promotional web address that can be used to buy a ticket to the Japan game. On purchasing the match ticket, the buyer will automatically be entered into a draw to be upgraded to VIP hospitality.

At today’s launch Scotland (Ross Ford, Ryan Grant, Stuart Hogg, Greig Laidlaw and Tim Visser), Scotland Women (Megan Gaffney and Inverness Craig Dunain’s own Jade Konkel), Scotland 7s (Michael Fedo, Colin Gregor and Andrew Turnbull) and age grade (Phil Cringle and Jamie Farndale) players were in attendance along with children from North Berwick Rugby Club to help launch the various garments.

Scotland and British & Irish Lions full-back, Stuart Hogg, said: “I’m really looking forward to playing in the new shirt and I really like the traditional design that Macron and Stuart [Gray] have gone for.

“I remember when I was growing up seeing footage of Scotland’s greats playing in a navy shirt with white collar, so it’s going to be quite a thrill pulling this jersey on for the first time.”

12 Responses

  1. At last! A decent kit again but they slipped up with that awful 7s kit. why not all blue with the striped panel at the side (or the reverse) and dump that ghastly purple.

  2. Actually I like the purple. My problem is the sizing – being someone who likes my ale and has a chest/stomach size of 52″, I stand no chance of being able to wear any of Scotland’s new shirts. At least Canterbury catered for the larger supporter!

    1. To quote cf “and it’s 100% polyester … :(”

      If it was cotton I’d have purchased one today as its a great looking jersey but polyester :-\

      Think I’ll wait until I come up for the Autumn Inetrnationals and actually see what the quality is like.

    2. They’re doing both polyester and 100% cotton which is great. Check out

  3. Like the strip but FF, do you watch rugby?! Visser is a lazy, short-on-skills (massive, yes) unit who needs to re-think his approach to the game and start to work harder to contribute more to the team (both for Edinburgh and Scotland – if selected). And people do give him the ball – take for instance the inch-perfect pass provided to him by Matt Scott in the 2nd half of the recent Italy game which found him with a yawning overlap but, not for the first time, he dropped it. Visser is short of test class……..

    1. Yes, I do watch rugby thank you very much. Tim Visser has been leading try scorer in the Magners/Rabo 3 times and has already scored 6 tries in 12 games for Scotland. Can you name any other Scottish player who even comes within touching distance of being such a consistent try scorer? No – because there aren’t any.

      True, he has plenty to work on to be totally comfortable at test level but that is true of almost every player in Scotland’s backs where we have lots of potential but few outstanding players. Even Hogg has rough edges that need to be worked on.

      I also think there was a sad failure to get the ball to our back 3 during the 6N. Even in the England and Italy games our scores were more often opportunistic than well-worked.

      Unfortunately, Scotland are no better than an OK team working hard to improve itself. Sadly, too many of our ‘fans’ prefer to piss and moan about our players for not immediately being world class from the comfort of their armchair. How about actually getting behind Scotland’s players as they try to make an impression on the test arena?

    2. Stinger do you watch rugby?
      Visser has been top try scorer in the Celtic league (where Cuthbert ,North, Bowe etc ply their trade) the last 4 seasons and as FF mentioned has 6 tries for Scotland.
      He may be a bit defensively challenged but no more so than Cuthbert, Ashton etc
      Top class winger.

  4. …if only someone would give Visser the ball….. If only he could catch it – oh, Stingo got in first. I’m not into gratuitous criticism of the best we’ve got. Visser is a good player, can be a great finisher, but turns like the Queen Mary – reminds me of Nicky Walker.
    The real reason for my reply is in the hope Macron will follow the traditional route for the Glasgow kit – Edin too for that matter. None of these stripy, spotty panels and no ‘league’ white socks. Get Stuart Gray on the case. We need a decent kit for the season that’s brewing at Scotstoun. ‘We’re all going to Toulon…….’

  5. Well done Macro. This is a strip that will definately please the fans. Although, will it please general rugby fans overseas or does that matter?

    In the GO Sport store, Dubai Mall there are expat rugby fans from all over the world. I was surprised to hear that the Scotland strip was the last Canterbury strip was the most popular, simply because it looked the nicest amongst all the international shirts on offer, or maybe because people have a soft spot for Scotland?

    Round the corner is the Eden Park store (also in Dubai Mall). NOTHING Scottish is available. They have classically styled clothing and accessories for England, Wales, Ireland, NewZealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Italy… even the USA! The MD of Eden Park visited on their sale day and I stopped in to ask why this was the case. He said they had tried opening an Eden Park store in Scotland which failed badly, apparently Gavin Hastings was involved in the franchise agreement and no one bought anything. So now they consider the Scottish Rugby brand defunct as a commercially viable clothing/accessory line…..shame.

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