Ewan Bulger wins Coach Logic’s New Zealand scholarship

With a population of just 5,058, 18 year old Isle of Arran resident Ewan Bulger feels like one in a million having just won Coach Logic’s rugby scholarship to New Zealand.

Ewan is the first recipient of the scholarship which includes return flights to New Zealand and a month’s worth of top coaching and conditioning at the Inside Running Academy based in the Bay of Plenty thanks to Coach Logic, the online analysis, training and sports coaching tool.

Ewan who makes an 80 mile round trip three times a week to travel from Arran to the Scottish mainland for training and games with rugby club Ayr, emerged top of the pile to win the scholarship ahead of four others on the shortlist and many more who applied for the Coach Logic scholarship.

“Ewan showed a real commitment to his training and development in his application. The fact that he jumps on a ferry and has to sleep on friends couches just to make a gym session, before returning back to school, really impressed us at Coach Logic and the team at the Inside Running Academy” said Coach Logic co-founder Andy Muir.

Mark Cairns, co-founder added: “Having played for Scotland U17 and U18, Ewan has had a taste of elite rugby, and his month in New Zealand will open his eyes further to the possibilities of being a professional sportsman. It’s great to see his willingness to take what he will learn back to Arran and the west coast of Scotland so that others can benefit too.”

Ewan who has promised to take his bagpipes with him so that the locals can experience a little Scottish culture said: “Although 6’6” and 96kg there are stronger players, there are bigger and faster players (for now), but I don’t know of anyone who has given up so much to make their dream a reality. I’ll happily swap the ferry for the plane to New Zealand and can’t wait to benefit from this amazing opportunity that Coach Logic has given me.”

Ewan jets off to New Zealand in August and will benefit from the tutelage of former and current international players and coaches, such as former England International and Academy Manager Dan Ward-Smith and World Cup winning Strength and Conditioning Coach for the current All Blacks, Dr Nic Gill.

Dan Ward-Smith said: “We’re really looking forward to Ewan’s arrival at the Inside Running Academy. I get a real thrill out of assisting young athletes to reach their potential and we’re sure that Ewan will do extremely well at our Academy but also on his return to Scotland. We’re confident that we can help him take his game to the next level.”

Nic Gill added: “I’m really excited about working with Ewan when he arrives here at the Inside Running Academy. Based on his video he seems like a really motivated and determined athlete who will be a real pleasure to work with.”

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