Chunk Calls It A Day For Scotland

An Oxo cube on legs. That’s how Bill McLaren described Allan Jacobsen. To everyone else he will always be Chunk. An apt nickname for a man who at times looked like a throwback to the days of amateur rugby. However his outward appearance concealed surprising turn of pace and handling skills rarely found in a prop. He played some of his schoolboy career as a 10, after all.

Part Weeble, part Mighty Mouse, part Ram-Man there are few greater sights than Chunk at full pelt, shirt down to his knees, ball in hand punching holes in an opposition defence. However, on Monday, Chunk announced his retirement from International rugby; with the emergence of Ryan Grant and Jon Welsh he seems to be leaving the number 1 shirt in good hands.

Speaking to Jacobsen said “to play international rugby you have to be absolutely committed. You have to make sacrifices and do all the extra stuff in training and preparation to be right. I’ve always tried to do that throughout my career and playing for Scotland has meant the world to me.

“But the minute there is the possibility of it feeling like a chore… well, that’s the slippery slope for me and I would never want to do anything that would either devalue the Scotland jersey or anything that I’ve achieved.”

Scotland head coach Andy Robinson said: “Chunk has been a great servant of the Scotland team and on behalf of the team management I want to thank him for all his endeavours. I particularly admire how hard he worked to fight back from (a shoulder) injury after the 2007 Rugby World Cup and the effort he put in to be our starting prop in all four games at last year’s World Cup in New Zealand.

“Chunk has often said that rugby has been good for him and his family and now that he wants to make his wife Gayle and daughter Maisie a bigger priority, then I’m sure all rugby people will support Chunk at this time and in the future.”

Here’s a video of some of Chunk’s best bits.