The Horrors of Pre-Season

Pre Season.  Two words (or possibly a hyphenate) that universally send a chill up the spine of rugby players across the country. You’ve hit it hard over the summer months, nights out and holidays away with friends and families.  Of course it would have been remiss to not have those extra beers on the night out or agreed to go that family BBQ and stuffed your face with sausages of dubious origin.  You made promises at the end of the season to do some runs over the summer and continue with your rigorous weights plan.

You kept none of these promises.

Hardened muscle has long since turned to jelly, and lungs have all the capacity of yoghurt pots.

Then you get the call to arms.  Pre season is due to start and all able men and women are to report for duty.  I got my call last week and trudged into my club last night for a brutal evening of running, tackling, running, falling over, running, picking myself up, running, running and a little bit more running.  I can’t speak for other clubs, but in my experience coaches must spend the summer working themselves into a foul mood because come pre-season they just seem intent on dishing out as much pain as possible.  The off season months give coaches time to conjure up training sessions that in a civilised country would be described as cruel and unusual punishment.  Indeed, with the summer we are currently having, my training session last night resembled an extended form of water boarding.

Yet despite this, and the accompanying chorus of moaning and bitching, all rugby players will recognise the importance of putting in a good pre-season.  So often a good season on the pitch has the foundations in a solid pre-season which is built on during in-season training.  Yes it hurts – but it’s meant to hurt.  Rugby is a much easier game if you can get the fitness up.  So this is my rallying call to fellow players, get off the sofa, put down the beer and get to your local club for pre season…you know it makes sense.

It would be great to hear folks stories from pre season.  Every player will have stories from pre-seasons past and present so why not take 5 minutes and share them with your fellow blog readers.

Now for a shameless plug.   If you’re in the Edinburgh area and looking for a rugby club then I can recommend the mighty Broughton Rugby Club.  Based in north Edinburgh, Broughton have both men’s and women’s teams and are always on the lookout for new players for both teams.  Whether you want to play every week, play social rugby or just come along to training everyone is welcome.  Training takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday (6.45pm start) at Broughton Rugby Club (just off Granton Road, EH5 3NJ).  Just bring yourself, some clothes to train in and a pair of trainers (or boots if you have them).  Hope to see some blog readers at training in future!


Alan Kerr is a long time rugby lover and occasional player for Broughton FP RFC. Site co-founder Al prides himself on offering the "man on the bus" view of Scottish Rugby!