Front Up Rugby offer ‘Armchair Dragons’ Chance to Join Team

Top rugby clothing brand Front-Up is using an innovative new crowd funding platform called Crowdcube to gather investment for their plans for growth and expansion.

Front Up Marketing director Lorne Gray told Scottish Rugby Blog: “We really need to recruit as many rugby fans as ‘armchair investors’ as possible.

“Everyone investing, from £100-£10,000, receives a great package of investment rewards. By investing just £100 you get a free top every year for the first 3 years.

With everyone from budding .com start-ups to musical artists such as Ben Folds Five turning to crowdfunding to convert their captive market into funding for projects, it seems to be a good way for fledgeling businesses or more established ones like Front-Up to seek out investment.

“We’re basically trying to recruit loyal brand ambassadors at the same time as raising the investment needed to grow the brand – but driving awareness of this opportunity is crucial to whether we succeed or not.”

Tell us which major High Street Retailer loves Front Up from the Front Up pitch for your chance to win a signed Shane Williams Front Up Top?

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You can find out the full details of their pitch here. They’ve also got 30% off during the Jubilee bank holiday weekend so hop over to the store for a look why don’t you?