Connacht 13-13 Glasgow

Glasgow headed to blowy Galway looking to squeeze out a tricky away win but came unstuck right at the end to share the spoils.

In the first half they probably came off the better of a fairly even encounter in which Glasgow attacked and the home side defended. The only difference was Jon Welsh’s try, barging over from close range and earning Glasgow a lead they only just merited. Newly skin-headed Ruaridh Jackson looked lively but gave away a couple of penalties and for the most part there was a lot of kicking and plenty of dodgy passes all round.

Scottish referee Peter Allan was doing his best not to appear biased towards his compatriots, or indeed well-versed in the refereeing of scrums. Overall his reffing was a little pernickety and didn’t particularly help the flow of the game.

Connacht came out a lot stronger in the second half, scoring a try in the corner that Murchie narrowly failed to defend that made it 10-10 with half an hour to play. Tommy Seymour serving out ten minutes in the bin didn’t help Glasgow’s cause but they rallied with a Duncan Weir penalty and a near-try denied by the TMO, Murchie again not having much luck in the corner.

It came down to the wire in the end with Glasgow trying to hold a 3 point lead as Connacht piled on the pressure against their scrum. Allan eventually awarded the penalty against the head, leaving O’Connor to slot the final kick of the game. A draw is a respectable result to an extent, but Glasgow would have hoped for a bit more.

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