McKie to Go? is reporting that controversial SRU Chief Exec Gordon McKie will step down, possibly as soon as today, although the story has not been confirmed or denied by the SRU (see update below).

Scotsman Story

While he did a good job getting the debt down from its previously stupendous level to (chump change) of somewhere in the region of £15m, in recent months Gordon McKie has been seen as increasingly out of touch with the rugby side of things (and the fans), while still seeing fit to pass comment on the mismanaged and under-supported pro-teams.

One thing is for sure, Sir Clive Woodward is almost certainly not the man for the job. Wonder if Nigel Melville would be interested in this one?

UPDATE: SRU Statement = confirmation, McKie will step down immediately.. An interim Chief Exec has been appointed. As the RFU are currently also on the hunt there could be one or two polished CVs floating about…