Get A Rugby Player’s Body – Possibly Chunk’s

This week I have been mostly thinking of some amusing acronyms for FHM, who got in touch with some information on their latest issue and asked if we wouldn’t mind awfully telling our Foxy Head Mormons about it. Hmm, needs work.

Fine Homely Models? Featuring Hot Mamas? I am not sure that Fit Handsome Men would necessarily be preaching to the correct choral demographic, but one of the pieces in this month’s issue could help you turn yourself into one of them. Although if you have a face like steak that’s been “tenderised” by one too many rucks and ears that would go well with a nice cheese sauce, the H may be beyond you. It seems that this week in amongst all the half naked women and funny stuff there is some useful information from new Bath captain, sometime scourge of Scotland and Simon Taylor’s erstwhile back row buddy Lewis Moody.

In the article Lewis ‘Mad Dog’ Moody takes FHM readers – and potentially you and I – through what to do and how to eat to achieve a World Cup-winning physique. It should be noted that since 2007 it’s more of a World Cup runners-up physique though. Always living in the past, eh England? Following his six simple steps that you can do at the gym or in your home, ranging from Push-Ups to the more rugby specific Jackal Drill, will build you in the sort of physical titan that you often see down at Goldenacre on a Saturday afternoon. ‘Powerful hamstrings are crucial for explosive kicking and sprinting’ says the man himself, and I for one would not like to argue. Especially if he was kicking me. Perhaps following these simple steps could be the platform I need to propel me to touch rugby greatness, or maybe turn me into a pasty white Usain Bolt.

So why not pop down to the newsagents and grab yourself a copy of the FHM Afterdark Special and I’ll meet you in London 2012 so we can compare nutrition regimes in the athlete’s village. Or more likely, compare “guns” in the pub.

FHM is a month of entertainment for men. In addition to the beautiful women (as expected), FHM now covers fitness, health, fashion, film, music and games. Like watching Scotland try to beat Argentina, it’s still bloody funny too! They’ve got some stuff about the girl from the new 30 Days of Night movie too, Diora Baird. You don’t meet many Dioras in the pub, do you?

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