Scotland Team for Ireland

Scotland Team to face Ireland: Southwell, Lamont, De Luca, Morrison, Evans, Parks, Cusiter, Jacobsen, Ford, Murray, Hamilton, Kellock, Brown, Barclay, Beattie
Replacements: Lawson, Dickinson, Gray, MacDonald, Blair, Godman, Danielli

Rory Lawson and Nathan Hines will count themselves unlucky, although Hines is ruled out through injury. Still, I would have liked to see a bit more inspiration on the bench given the difference between a wooden spoon and second bottom is negligible to us as a nation with plenty oak in the cutlery drawer but the difference to younger or non-regular players (Gray, Jackson, Cairns) between having played a bit in the 6N and not having played could be considerable in their development… Hope you all enjoy the game, I am fortunate enough to be winging my way there at the weekend and seeing what Croke Park and Dublin have to offer.

Oh, and exiled Number 8 and former Lion Simon Taylor has signed for Bath, who now have two Scots on the books following the news of Mark McMillan’s move there next season.

3 comments on “Scotland Team for Ireland

  1. wendy on

    All the best to Scotland,it’s gonna be real tough.Ireland played damn well last week,but with a bit of luck,you never know.SCOTLAND DESERVES ONE VICTORY regarding the whole of the tournament.

    PS I was very disappointed with the game versus Italy (it was back to the same stereotyped and barren play,but versus England,well done (but no luck)

  2. wendy on

    I didn’t know that expression in English “plenty of oak in the cutlery drawer”
    I think a spoon is OK to eat spaghetti…

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