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Good Luck Thom

So near and yet not actually that far. Shane Williams had a great five minutes. Dan Parks had a great game. George Clancy: not so much.

5.7 (e) If time expires and the ball is not dead, or an awarded scrum or lineout has not been completed the referee allows play to continue until the next time that the ball becomes dead. If time expires and a mark, free kick or penalty kick is then awarded the referee allows play to continue.

Still, all of that is of little consequence in the great scheme of things. Full reaction will of course take place through the week, but for now all of us at Scottish Rugby Blog send our best wishes to Thom Evans for a swift and complete recovery from his injury (the exact nature of which is unclear), and our thoughts go out to Max and the rest of the family too.

UPDATE: just in case you wanted to see the full interview with Andy Robinson post match you can find it here. Much angrier than the short version they broadcast!

UPDATE: Update on Thom Evans injury condition, it seems he has undergone neck surgery but is able to move his arms and legs which is good news I should think.

UPDATE: Another update on Thom Evans, Chris Paterson and Rory Lamont injuries (from Dr James Robson), all of which it seems will keep them out of the remainder of the Six Nations but thankfully all will have full recoveries, it is hoped.

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10 Responses

  1. Best wishes to Thom and is family. He is a shining light in the game and hope that this injury is just a blip. Feel a difficult second half for the Team who would naturally have worried about their friend and team mate. Think when the pundits are criticising the Scot’s performance, they need to think how they would feel, when a friend and team mate is injured, if they were not slightly distracted then would not want them as friends!! Get well soon Thom

  2. I think the team was good all through the game,but got tired the fifteen last minutes,and playing with 13 instead of 15 was impossible at the end.
    Sure without some mistakes in the scrum,Scotland wins the game.Of course th most impiortant is now for Thom Evans to recover.
    PS:You would be surprised to see how many French people support Scotland here.Good luck guys

  3. Absolutely disgusted that the scum who edit the Times rugby section make not a single mention of the terrible injury to Thom Evans. These people have no shred of human kindness. Best wishes to Thom, heres hoping he makes a full recovery.

  4. im welsh and scotland need not be to down hearted about their performance they played sensational rugby way above anything ive seen of them lately while wales withall our injuries played way below our best if it wernt for shane we would have lost good luck thom evans

  5. Do Scotland have a will to be defeated? Several things to remember. We WERE told by the ref not to put hands on the ball but chose to ignore it. We chose to kick off to a rampant Welsh side on home soil with 13 men still standing instead of booting it into touch for a draw! Decisions are simple in my eyes. The two cheats and whoever made the decision to keep the ball in play should never wear a scotland jersey again!

  6. On the contrary I think they should be given the chance – these are mistakes they are unlikely to repeat through painful experience.

  7. I am a Welsh supporter and I totally agree with Sean. Obviously I’m pleased that we won but Scotland really deserved to win after playing some of the best rugby I’ve seen for some time. Great controlling from Dan Parks. My best wishes to Thom Evans for a speedy recovery and of course to Chris Patterson (sorry he had to go off in this particularly special game ) and Rory Lamont.

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