Scotland Six Nations Fixtures 2010

Scotland vs France (H), Sunday Feb 7th, 3pm

Wales vs Scotland (A), Saturday Feb 13th 2pm

Italy vs Scotland (A) Saturday Feb 27th 2.30pm (local)

Scotland vs England (H) Saturday Mar 13th 5pm

Ireland vs Scotland (A), Saturday 20th Mar 5pm

Any takers for a championship decider at the new Landsdowne (sorry Aviva) Stadium? A new coach should (we hope) give us a team that can fulfill it’s potential, so why the hell not? Having said then, England could well be on their way to revival by then. Wales play another Friday night match, this time in Cardiff on the 26th Feb, again vs France. That’s sure to get the knickers twisting once again.


2 comments on “Scotland Six Nations Fixtures 2010

  1. jockcelt on

    cant believe what happened today.. totally gutted.
    poor decision to sin bin both men.
    sure a penalty for the 1st infringement but no way phil godman should have gone.
    best team lost.
    taffys got out of jail.
    that little shane williams chav did nada all day.
    disguated that last play even went ahead.
    poor show all round..
    march 13th is all we have to play for now.

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