A chance for revenge…sort of

So, 15 points. Can we really beat Argentina by that much? Without scoring any tries? With Dan Parks at 10? Not having seen the previous game yet, I can’t really comment specifically but from the sounds of it on the radio we were solid in the set piece but bullied at the breakdown, which led to slow ball, which led to, well, the usual. It’s good to see Stroker in the press with some fire in his belly about losing games we should win, and hopefully Robinson will key the back row (and Alain Rolland) in a bit to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Much like many of you out there, it seems pretty evident to me that regardless of club form or favouritism, the team don’t fire with Parko at 10 (unless we are playing England and it is raining), so it is of little use constantly shuffling the backline when the ball never gets beyond 10 or 12. Therefore I will refrain from discussing the backs. What’s the point?

Don’t forget you can catch the Scotland A game vs Argentina A in the Churchill Cup from 9.30 tonight to see if the understudies can manage what the full team have singularly failed to do, namely beat the Argies. It was a good showing from the A team to beat a stubborn and fired-up Canada on Saturday, but the lack of familiar faces in the team compared to say the England Saxons team does highlight the lack of depth we have in Scotland once you skim off the Glasgow and Edinburgh first 22s and the current crop of big name exiles. A lot of these guys have not been playing first team professional rugby this season, and although you could argue this tour will give them valuable experience, it does show that to get the results we would all love to see, Scotland needs to find a way to sustain more than just a core of about 30-40 players – once these ranks are depleted through injury or the niceties of the French club season, we are severely short of form and experience. Even the A Team coaches have been spirited away to the main team in an effort to bolster confidence, depriving our up and coming players of what would have been a valuable learning process.

Anyway, all the best. Good luck to both teams and I hope I will be proven wrong. Al and I are off to Cardiff to pay homage at the Millennium Stadium, so we may be unavailable for comment after Saturday’s match. Feel free to leave your build-up and feedback on any of the games in the comments below – don’t forget new look Oz and England are both in action this weekend too, against the Irish and All Blacks respectively.

UPDATE: here’s the team, comments below:

Southwell, Paterson, Cairns, Morrison, Webster, Godman, Blair, Jacobsen, Ford, Murray, Mustchin, MacLeod, Strokosch, Barclay, Hogg.
Replacements: Hall, Dickinson, Kellock, Brown, Lawson, Parks, De Luca.

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3 comments on “A chance for revenge…sort of

  1. Al on

    4 changes for the team and Parks dropped….again! World Class Phil gets a go with the task of no doubt making the most of any quick ball that does happen to come Scotlands way. Thom Evans given the hook and Webster comes in along with Huuuuuuugo and John Barclay with Danielli and Johnny Beattie out. Paterson out on the wing, Hugo into FB, Hogg moving to 8 etc etc etc.

    All these moves are fine but I still suspect Scotland management don’t know what to do. A lot of talk by Scotland players (as ever!) but about time some of them stepped up to the mark. This must be the least threatening Scotland side of modern times, seems to have no cutting edge – in saying all that we owe someone a total thrashing, it will eventually happen, the flood gates will open type thing! Fingers crossed Saturday sees some signs of encouragement…

  2. Rory on

    Good to see them playing a specialist 7, hopefully he’ll take less crap at the breakdown and dish a bit out too… feel sorry for Thom Evans, who is a victim of the “Mossy shuffle”. Malkovich and Evans would have been quite an exciting pair. Hopefully Hugooo will have a good game, but the back three looks a little like shuffling for shuffling’s sake (and over-familiar too). It might be a more fruitful experiment (from a scientific methodology point of view) to only change Phil for Parks and leave the rest as is, otherwise what will we really learn? Mon the boys, etc. Enjoy the match if you see it!

  3. Jonny on

    This is the problem. Yet again it’s a half baked team. Clearly, he believes this to be Scotland’s beat when dropping Beattie, Evans and Danielli. World Class Phil – about time, but why no De Luca instead of Morrison or even Max Evans.

    Hadden is incapable of recognising the best 22.

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