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Money Makes the World Go Round

Scott Johnson, Vern Cotter, Mark Dodson - pic © Scottish Rugby/SNS

Chris Murray laments the state of Scottish Rugby, but argues that Scotland are very much a success: on the balance sheet.

Support Your Local Rugby Club

Berwick RFC vs Orkney RFC - pic © David Boyes

Ahead of our Big Club Dinner on Friday, Cammy Black takes a look at why local rugby clubs are key to the continued success of rugby in Scotland

Lockdown News Roundup

Matt Scott

Sandy Smith takes a quick look at the rugby news as the lockdown goes on and on and on…..

Changing The Curriculum

Some instances in the last few weeks have got me thinking. Then something that came to my attention last night got me to get it down in script.

Between Self Preservation and Speculations

So there it is: McKie is gone. The rallied voices finally got what they were asking for, and the huddled masses at Murrayfield are looking at ‘Damage Limitation’. “More rugby!” comes the cry from McLauchlan and Allan Munro.

What Now?!

The 6 Nations are over and the hard slog towards New Zealand begins. But before we kick-off against Romania on the 10th of September in Invercargill there are a lot of things that will happen on our own shores.

A Seat At The Table

Rumours are bouncing around the media this week that there is some secret SRU conspiracy afoot to block Italian entry to the Magners League, and so in return a counter-conspiracy to boot the Scottish pro-teams out of the Magners has been mooted by the Welsh press. “Scottish teams Edinburgh and Glasgow could be kicked out […]

SRU Survey

SRU Supporter survey with a chance to win Calcutta Cup tickets: Click here Don’t forget to mention Scottish Rugby Blog in your answer to #3! Also just to complete my public service announcements for the week here are the details for any of you thinking about grabbing some last minute tickets for the France game […]

Scottish Rugby News and Opinion