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Reaching Critical Massimo

On Monday afternoon the peace will be broken and two packs will crumple into each other. At the crush of the scrummage both Edinburgh and Glasgow will be fighting to gain as many inches of ground as possible. One man will be delighted whatever the outcome is. With a burst of glee Scotland’s scrum coach Massimo Cuttita tells me “there will be fireworks alright!”

Blood And Thunder May Distract From Points

1872 Cup clash - Image courtesy Edinburgh Rugby / PA Images

There will be not billboard featuring Dougie Hall in black and blue, arms unfurled, above the immortal line “Welcome To Glasgow!”. There will be no pigs heads thrown onto the pitch. There will be no flares. There will be no drive-bys. What this coastal rivalry shall have, though, is keenly contested rugby.

On Boxing Day we will see the first game in the 1872 Cup.