Author: Alan Dymock

Dundonian Alan has played rugby all over the world for various teams including Dundee High School, Heriot's and the Scottish Club International. Now writing from London he covers all issues international and unreported.

Playing Past the Present

With the EMC tests looming and the daily press releases telling us how our players are “harder, faster, stronger” than ever before whilst the players assure us the group has never been so tight-knit, I must ask: how will the warm up games pan out?

The reason I ask this is that everything in training, we have been told, is geared towards rugby specifics.

Banking On Change

Recently a lot of Scottish rugby fans have been getting things off their chest. Unrest can happen when you lose assets. People want to know what is being done to recoup the loss of players, what the pro team plans are and how Scottish teams overcome their dramatic loss in Magners League status.

Answers are being drip fed into the public domain. Some don’t like it, and there is concern that a few more experienced players may do a runner.

So when I put it to former Scotland captain and British and Irish Lion Colin Deans that there must be a reason why players are leaving Scotland his answer was simple: “they need to.”

Teasing Out A Career

What does a player need to develop?

For some it is competition, for others it is hard work they are not used to. Freedom comes into it but restriction and focus can be the answer for many more. Success is a something attainable but the recipe is different for every individual and establishment. The legendary Pele once said “Everything is practice”. Many people have said that what made the late Seve Ballesteros so great was his flair and tenacity: personal qualities he had freedom to express.

I’m afraid that neither of these make Graham Lowe’s life any easier.