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Six Nations 2024: Italy v Scotland Discussion Post

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2024 Guinness Six NationsSat 9th Mar 2024Stadio Olimpico, RomeKick-off: 2:15 pm (UK)31-29


Referee: Angus Gardner (RA)| TV: ITV1 / STV

Scotland play their second last game of the tournament away in Rome. Did Scotland manage to win? Did the selection of the 6/2 bench make a difference? Where it all go wrong/right?

Give us your thoughts on the game.

Please put your post-game discussion points on this post – bearing in mind our Comment Policy.

Please keep it on topic for the discussion of the actual Italy game itself and not immediately posting your team for next week.

95 Responses

    1. Kinghorn is a showpony, Scotland building at the end and yet again he throws the ball away.
      Where is the game plan..Running about like headless chickens…I’m afraid, great player though he is,Russell is no inspirational captain

  1. well played Italy – fully deserved. Basically we self destructed – too many errors and penalties

  2. How are we so bad at dealing with pressure and momentum? Stupid mistakes, stupid penalties, Townsend too slow to use the substitutes. Well done Italy but this suddenly becomes a poor six nations for Scotland.

    1. TeeCee
      They have not had a gameplan nor game management since Greg Laidlaw retired.
      The captaincy needs to be with the forwards and FR left to play at No.10 as I do not believe he is, unfortunately, an inspirational captain

    2. All the rubbish of player speak ; about discipline; we will learn etc etc does nothing to alleviate the fact that in every game in this 6N, bar England, they are a 40 minute team with a major psychological block that prevents killing off a game and playing for 80/90 minutes. That is what Townsend and the coaches should be concentrating on and ‘the reason why’

  3. Jeez that female commentator is annoying. Had to turn off the volume.

    Well done Italy, deserved victory.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, had to watch the game with sound turned down. The lengths these channels will go to to attract more female viewers is going to turn men away.

      1. Try listening to the U20s – that woman is shockingly awful, and doesn’t stop to breathe for the entire match (well, unfortunately I suppose she does, more’s the pity).
        If they put her together with Dolly Waterwoman they could start Loose Forward Women – but no-one would listen.

      2. She was awful but her male counterpart was pretty poor too.

        Anrew Cotter does a pretty good job but the likes of Bill McLaren, Eddie Butler, Bill Johnstone, and even Nigel Starmer-Smith are sadly missed.

  4. Absolute clueless garbage from Scotland. Russell was completely out of his depth. kinghorn was a total waste of space. Etc. Etc
    Clownsend shows yet again that he’s no international manager.

  5. So poor after a superb 1st 20 mins. Should have been in the bag early doors. Italy did so well but we switched off (which we have a bad habit of) for so much of the game where we couldn’t hold a pass, can’t hold possession, frantic in attack.
    Thought KH was poor and out of position frequently.duhan is a superb athlete but not a good rugby brain. Thought Dempsey and Christie were very good.
    Turning from a very good championship to a very average one.

    1. Apart from everything else I could not believe it when Townsend subbed Christie for Fagerson. And to compound it he gave away the penalty which resulted in the winning score

    2. Sorry but losing to Italy ,as good as they were, equates in my opinion to a poor championship. Our mental resilience has proven to be as fragile as Kinghorn under a high ball..

  6. Scotland is absolutely rubbish at rugby just got hammered by the Italians 28 to 22 , why don’t they try doing linesman work. I’ll never support them again , a fellow scot

  7. What about the deliberate knock on? it’s an obligatory yellow , and the position on the pitch a penalty try all day !
    Still great for the competition to see how the Italian coach sets up his team. They were more physical and smarter on the day. Well done Italy.

      1. Agree no penalty try and even a yellow would have been harsh but you’ve seen them given.

        My issue with it though was the amount of time between the foul and when it was given. If the tmo was looking at it, at that point in the game it should have been called far sooner to maximise the advantage to the team that have been fouled against.

      2. Two on Two was the call and the ref’s interpretation of the Law’s were wrong in my interpretation of the Laws

    1. Please don’t blame the refereeing. A is not footy B it would never have led to any other outcome than Italy winning. Fully deserved, and that’s the painful part of this defeat.

  8. Since when is a deliberate knock-on not yellowed? And home tannoy monkeys allowed to scream the crowd up during a match?

    Christie a major disappointment, donated six points. Kinghorn AWOL at their tries.

    1. The sideline ref pushing for a yellow card is the same guy who did not flag two forward passes to the Scottish winger.

  9. Italy played for 80 minutes, Scotland didn’t. Serious phycological problem there. Until the coach and the senior Scottish players recognise this as a major flaw and change their game we’re stuffed. Also, replacements need to come on earlier. (Mind you, when Ian McGeechan was Scotland manager, he had a habit of waiting for the last five minutes of the game before making changes).

    1. All the rubbish of player speak ; about discipline; we will learn etc etc does nothing to alleviate the fact that in every game in this 6N, bar England, they are a 40 minute team with a major psychological block that prevents killing off a game and playing for 80/90 minutes. That is what Townsend and the coaches should be concentrating on and ‘the reason why’

  10. With every cloud comes a silver lining. Arrivederci Gregor. Unfortunately 4 and a half years too late. Promised lots delivered nothing of note apart from a few victories against England.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up, he’s going nowhere. He’ll believe he’s the man to turn it around. We’ll hear the same old platitudes about learnings. And as he’s been given (ridiculously imho) a contract extension we won’t be able to pay him off unless he decides to go. Which he won’t. But he should.

      1. That’s exactly how it will play out. He won’t go of his own accord and the SRU won’t want to incur the expense of paying him off.

        I’ve nothing positive to say about Scotland’s performance in today’s Test, so I’ll simply congratulate Italy on their victory and leave it at that.

  11. I won’t be returning to Murrayfield while he remains coach. This has to be the end?

  12. That was plain and simple a lack of leadership. Ireland would never squander a lead like that. Russell for all his attacking talent needs to be reigned in and Darge is a child. We need a solid leader in the forwards that knows how to change game plan when we’re up and ahead. This also needs to be coached. We were throwing it around desperately and gave away so many points completely unnecessarily.
    Moving forward – Christie starts, Rowe starts, Kinghorn bench as a utility back, Ben White cannot be rested ( Hornito is a good sub, Price should bow out – why he is kicking away possession when we’re behind with ten mins on the clock….?! Infuriating).
    Altogether a very depressing but familiar tale, one step forward, two back. If England win we will have squandered the best opportunity at a title in years, and through nothing more than arrogance and foolishness.
    Well done Italy, really feel they are moving in the tight direction.

  13. Scotland is consistently inconsistent and forever causing dismay in the fan base. Grow up or give up. This is no good.

  14. This scoreline is a sad reflection of Scotland’s inconsistency. Not nearly good enough.

  15. Again it was a rush defence causing us trouble. How have we not worked out a way to deal with a rush defence?

    I also thought we missed Tui today. For all Redpsth’s qualities he seemed to struggle at times.

  16. Again the problem of lack of leadership in the forwards. I like Russell as captain, but it leadership in the forwards than is needed. When the pressure is on we fold, and it’s generally among the forwards this happens with too many silly mistakes and penalties. The backs were great today as always, Russell played well. Kinghorn was poor though…

  17. Firstly. Well played Italy. However how very very poor is the coach

    Another shocking performance in a never ending litany of them What is toonie gonna come out with. Learning, going forward etc blah blah He HAS to go

    Oh and I think Italy will beat wales

  18. Nothing changes with Scotland 1 step forward 2 steps back, worst performance of the tournament, how can they play 3 matches great matches then play right into Italy’s hand

  19. The table arithmetic in this weird year now reads that if fifteen thousand Hail Marys mean we somehow scrape a win against Ireland in Dublin next Saturday afternoon, England will win the entire feckin thing if they somehow bonus bounce France in the evening. Weird.

    Interesting to note that no one was howling at Townsend here last time out, after our fourth consecutive Calcutta win. Coaching cannot prevent Christie coughing up two penalties and six points, Schoeman taking a guy out off the ball, or DVDM “hogging” for a trophy try instead of freeing Price to score. These are personal idiocies, absence of any one of which would have seen us win today.

    As was Brian MacNeice’s decision, of course, that lost us three points and an immense
    wave of psychological momentum on the road to Dublin.

    This was the year that slipped away. With our U-20s losing everything they show up for and no one coming through, 2024 may have been our only chance in the coming decade to top the grown-ups’ table.

    1. Price screwed that up because he was not fast enough to run the natural support line. He should be nowhere near the Edinburgh 23, never mind coming on for Scotland when we have to chase the game.

      How is Duhan meant to pick him out when he runs across behind him? Watch again, you can see Duhan looking inside for the support line but there was nobody there.

      1. Price looked slow and out of puff when we were chasing the game late on. He was a good player for club and country but time seems to have caught up with him. Dobie, young and full of zest, would have been a better option from the bench but perhaps Toony hoped that Price’s experience would help Scotland to see out the game.

        As for the others, Kinghorn just isn’t a great defender, Finn looks to be a few pounds over his fighting weight, Darge doesn’t seem to be the leader of men that we need in the pack, there was a general air of slothfulness when it came to supporting the ball carrier, and discipline was yet again an issue.

      2. You’re absolutely right. Price at fault, not DVDM – though he does bank on his own power over a pass too often, I think.

    2. “Schoeman taking a guy out off the ball” But Wales got away with a back doing the same thing against France and scored a try. The back was more able to slow down/deviate his route than Schoeman

  20. They had the game by the scruff of neck after 30 minutes at which point, rather than continue to fling it around, they should have slowed down the pace and tried to play with calm heads. It was complete mayhem instead and the Italians just took advantage and deserved the win. I wonder if this team have a fitness issue – commentary mentioned today that Scotland’s scoring rate in the second half this championship is very poor…..

  21. lets face it Italy target our game as they sense our vulnerability. We have had a few lucky escapes over recent years. A clear issue is the fact we fade as time goes on – is that a substitute thing/ lack of ability to adapt/ fitness. Who knows? Italy today hung on in there and grew in confidence as game went on and we offered very little and just dropped the ball and gave away penalties

  22. Is the constant kicking in the last 10 mins of the game down to coaching or the players ? If the former, the coach should go, if the latter the player(s) should be dropped. Absolutely fuming with the performance today – they are supposed to be professionals but looked like school boys. Gutted and distraught with them all

  23. Alas my fears came to fruition……..
    Nothing on bench to change things
    An ill advised selection to start with
    Naively tried to run everything without earning the right to do it
    No kicking game (the one kick from BK straight up in the air was the lowlight.
    Price is done at this level, he’s made little difference to a poor Edinburgh and made little difference yesterday.
    New coach required and a leader of men required on the pitch

  24. Italy at home are always a threat, they have improved game by game.

    Does anyone know why Ben White is out of the 23 ? Was that on merit, tactical or injury or what ! That was a surprise.

    We missed Sione, perhaps just one forced change was enough, but this game was lost on the pitch.

    A few daft scrum penalties, but on the whole, a better scrum this week. Line out also improved, no yellows.

    It was not unforseeable that we could lose this game. We have one week to fix it and turn over an Irish side that England have worked out. Ireland are not used to losing. This is the best chance we are going to get in Dublin IMO.

    1. Ben White out was tactical…..he was ‘rested’, like we have enough strength and depth to be tactical…(sigh). Gt thinks we’re so much better than we are because our attack is good, but we have no idea how to manage a game. White has leadership qualities – Horne doesn’t, Price just box kicks autistically. Russell is a leader in attack but is so cavalier (part of his genius at times) that he needs reigning in by a 9 with a good head on their shoulders. Yesterday’s game should be recorded for all future teams as a lesson in how to force your own errors and blow up your best chance at a title.

  25. Doesn’t it tell you something when a Townsend 9 never lifts his head and look for options?..his foots on his neck.

  26. Italy are that good now technically they beat France in France as we also beat France. I’d like to see Watson , Bradbury, McDowall and Dobie start against Ireland that should give a good psychological edge all are playing very well currently and bring real muscle.

  27. Why on earth do Scotland persist with kicking at crucial moments which only serves to give away possession. We must keep the ball and take it to the opposition. 50/50 kicking kept Italy in the game and contributed to our downfall.

  28. Also Matthews isn’t a try scoring machine by accident and how’s Oli Smith’s fitness.

  29. That was a lot like the Wales game. Looked to have it all sussed out for the first 20-30mins then for some unbeknown reason we suddenly forgot what we were meant to be doing, let them back in and then panicked, discipline went out the window and this time unlike Wales, Italy managed to see us away.

    Fair play and all credit to Italy, they are always hard to beat, especially at home, you need to hit them early and keep your foot on their throat, then the heads go down and you can run up a cricket score. Give them a sniff and their tails go up and they can be very dangerous. They gave England a good game, should have beat France and did beat us. It was a scrappy game, we let it get scrappy and that played into their hands.

    A lot was made of Capuozzo vs Kinghorn pre match and there was only one winner there, I’m not one of the Kinghorn haters but he was mince yesterday, Rowe and Patterson’s performances in the first two games were better than either of his.

    Loved the England Ireland game, cracking game, never have I cheered so enthusiastically for England and Marcus Smith, still feels weird but I just can’t support this Ireland team.

    Whatever England have or are doing clearly works against the Ireland / South Africa power game style. Whatever it is, it’s something we don’t or can’t do. That said it would be bloody typical and classic Scotland if we go and beat Ireland away and lose the 6N and potential slam because of a refereeing mistake and a poor performance against our old wooden spoon enemies.

    As a tournament though I think it’s been a good one, the form book hasn’t been obeyed and the matches generally close. France have gone full France and shat the bed, Italy are looking good, is it yet another false dawn, we haven’t played to our potential as usual, England aren’t as bad as we think they are, or maybe they are but the results are still coming, Ireland are still the best team and Wales are crap though.

  30. One thing this trip to Rome teaches us is the Italians have built their own fortress, and it’s way more lively than our pathetic monotone ‘Scoootland’. Last time I came to Rome it was quiet but since the World Cup they have new songs they all know, and a compère that has the whole stadium going. We need to keep up. To do list: 1.) Bring in outside help (southern hemisphere ideally) to teach the team how to balance their game and manage success. Or simply fire GT and bring in a non Scot coach. (Separate discussion, but I think our coaching setup and fan based is still way too parochial and ‘English hating’. It’s holding us back. We’ll never be world class with this attitude. Look at Ireland (who’d have believed they’d reach their best with an English coach). 2.) Find and build leaders in the team. We need a Martin Johnson or Alun Wyn thug with a brain to scare the boys, someone who knows how and where and when to play. Darge is too young, Gilchrist maybe…. I think White might have the heed on him. Jamie Ritchie once looked like that guy but has lost a lot of form (just not fit enough I think). 3.) Shake up Murrayfield and the fans with new songs, new compère, make it the hardest place for any team to play in the world. (ACDC were from Glasgow….. maybe the intro to Hells Bells will set the right tone. ‘Caledonia’ obviously). 4.) Sign Fergus Burke to Glasgow, we need another option at 10. Russell is great but a la Michalak when he’s off he’s badly off. 5.) Get fitter. I don’t think we’re nearly as fit as we need to be.

    1. The stadium announcer was awful !!

      Shouting while the ball is in play metres from the Scottish line ? Ridiculous.

      Agree with some of your points though. I think Gregor has run his race but I think this is where we are now. Win some lose some. Still better than a decade ago !

  31. Not paying any more hard earned cash to watch Gregors team.
    What’s more gutting is that GT seems still delusional about his coaching abilities. Do the right thing Gregor if you care a jot for scottish Rugby.
    Pathetic during Japan and getting worse

  32. Just looked at the table. We could well finish 5th ! Just in front of a transitional wales

    What does Townsend have to do to get the sack? The SRU are incompetent custodians of the game here.

    Two pro teams suffice if you look at Italy and their U20 set up. What are we doing wrong. Quite depressing really

  33. That game and the rest of the championship has been going round in my head all day.

    Looking back at the first three games:

    A scratch Welsh team plays possibly the worst 3o minutes of Tier 1 international rugby in history and we only just squeak a win. We looked good at times but, in retrospect, was that because Wales were just so bad in the first 30?

    We lost to the worst French team to ‘grace’ Murrayfield for a generation or more.

    We beat England comfortably but, after watching the game back the same evening, this was simply because we were not quite as awful as they were. Take the emotion out of that game and it really was not a good performance in fact it was utterly abject at times.

    After three games, we had two wins and a controversial loss but the elephant in the room is that all our opponents were utter mince for large portions of those matches.

    It should not therefore have been a surprise that we lose to the first team that plays somewhere near its potential. Maybe the real surprise was that we managed to establish such a stranglehold on the game in the first place.

    Sadly, it is now odds-on that Scotland will finish 5th – yes 5th – in this year’s 6Ns. I don’t think that is remotely acceptable and, while we all have complaints about some of the players, they are generally accepted to be the best available to us in the round.

    Maybe changing head coach will not be the answer we hope it might be but we have tried everything else without finding the answer.

    I think the coaches over-thought that game yesterday instead of backing what I consider a naturally superior team to Italy, with naturally superior players almost across the board, to assert itself and win the match with a controlled and structured game-plan.

    Given some of the players in our team, I think it would be next to impossible to reign them back in from the approach they started with; creating order out of chaos is a fools errand.

    And maybe that’s why we dropped off so much; maybe we were trying to revert to a more structured game-plan to manage the game and protect our lead but we just couldn’t summon up the organisation and discipline to do it by then?

    1. Perhaps there should be ‘no’ game plan. Allow the players to play a natural, for Scotland, chaotic game. Just as they did against England when they were 31-0 down and got back to 31-38. Followed of course by the famous ‘dressing room’ row between the coach & FR. in
      At present there is absolutely nothing to lose playing this way for unless Scotland take a leaf out of England’s book and play high tempo for 80/90 minutes against Ireland, they will get ‘creamed’.

  34. The under 20s game on friday night against Italy should serve as a wake up call.The under 20s have had some poor results against so called “lesser” rugby nations.The humiliation by georgia under 20s last year (17-55) comes to mind as does a hammering by fiji a few years back(34-59).This seems to have been swept under the carpet.Its almost like scottish rugbys best kept secret.If the truth be told its hard to remember when the under 20s last tasted victory!
    It is fair to say the Scotland senior team have had the benefit of being able to field players such as Van Der Merwe,Steyn,Tuipoluto and Dempsey to name but a few .The real and obvious problem to me is where is the next crop of “scottish” players coming from.This cannot be good for rugby in scotland.Grassroots and youth rugby in Scotland appear to be in a very difficult place at the moment.Players as i have mentioned above are short term fixes to a long term problem.This crop of players was long talked about as being the “golden generation”.Every year was hearlded as a “new dawn” Sadly the sun appears to have well and truly set on this generation of scottish players.More emphasis on youth development and less on quick fixes.

  35. dont we need both though, realistically – grassroots and casting the net further afield to bolster the player pool

  36. Lots of fair points in the thread but still we are thinking things were better before Townsend….they weren’t they were far worse.

    Italy are celebrating like we did in 2018 in our win at home to England. We have come a long way.

    We have knocked off every big barrier and record bar Ireland in the last 5 years. So that is the goal next week. Forget winning by 50 just win the match and take the triple crown and build.

    Championships and then grand slams do not come out of the blue. They are often built over years of seeing progress. We have major issues but we are seeing improvements and we do get results.

    The championship has been cut right open. Anyone can finish second and England could win it. From it looking a one horse race we now have teams beating each other all over the place. Wales aren’t as bad as 4 losses.

    You don’t really give Scotland much hope for next week but England had no chance on Saturday. We need a start like last year and not the dismal 2nd half.

    We are the only team who can win the triple crown and it is hugely important for us going forward. The belief for the future it’s crucial.

    Every game is built up in the narrative of runs, victories, losses etc etc so the difference of winning next week is no wins in what 10 to knocking away the last of our hoodoos….

      1. The results don’t back you up at all….he has by far the best win percentage of any coach of six nations era….be careful what you wish for…

    1. You are falling into the causation versus corelation trap there I think.

      Townsend has significantly superior playing resources to work with compared to his immediate predecessors and plays many more fixtures against Tier 2 teams compared to his more distant predecessors.

      FWIW, I think any Scotland coach, even Williams, would have been more than capable of achieving the same win:loss ratio over those fixtures with those players. Some would have achieved more.

      But, as others have pointed out, it is not really the losing of games that is the problem – I don’t think anyone would give him a hard time for not beating Ireland recently, for example – it is the manner in which many of them are lost.

      When teams capitulate it is not because of their ability, it is because of their mindset. That – all of it – stems from how the group are managed and coached.

      The problem is in plain sight. How many player management issues have surfaced in the media over Townsend’s tenure? I have lost count. He may have technical gifts as a coach but he is no leader of men and that is what this team desperately needs.

      1. Stopped reading after you said that Matt Williams would have been capable of achieving the same win-loss ratio with the same players

      2. It is a good point about the number of Tier 2’s we have played. While I think it was a mistake to appoint a coach with limited experience at this level , I am not minded to call for his replacement. GT seems to have matured greatly this 6N , the results on the pitch remain inconsistent.

        On selection, a call out for Skinner. He has crossed the line in the last two games, maybe a start this week !

  37. And Scotland can now going into the last round finish as low as 5th or win the championship…it’s all a bit bonkers….

  38. Play a crap game on Sat’ Finn and Townsends gone..your choice
    If I was Townsend I would drop him.If I was Finn i would withdraw.

  39. Respectfully BK is comfortably our best full back and not the reason we lost. He didn’t fail to control the game from halfback or give away heaps of penalties. Townsend is unable to inculcate a way of playing under pressure which the whole team understand and are able to implement when times get hard as they always do in international rugby. Half backs and forwards are the key. And by god we missed Tuipolotu. The backs bench looks weak with Rowe and Price on it.

    1. Price on the bench was our coach’s selection. Many supporters questioned his choice as strange before the match – turns out they were right and the coach was wrong.

  40. Sorry but must disagree. BK is a showpony and not our best fullback. His defence is poor and he tends to try to run everything himself and rarely draws and passes. Also tried miracle offloads at wrong times. We did miss Tuipolotu, no doubt about that. Backs bench was weak with Price but not Rowe.

  41. Schrodinger’s Scotland – they are both ‘making progress’ (best win ratio, away wins in France, Cardiff, Twickenham, stranglehold on the Calcutta Cup, superb attacking play, increased player depth, winning opening games of championships) and ‘not making progress’ (perennial under-achievers, not won anything, fragile temperament, poor decision making, exiting WC at group stage, never being in the mix in the last weekend of the 6N, player depth suddenly shown it is paper thin, gifting soft tries). I could go on. no-one is quite sure if this is the best we can hope for or we are missing a golden opportunity.

  42. Baffling, just baffling to see the change from control to chaos verging on panic in front of our very eyes in Rome in the space of ten or fifteen minutes of playing time. I agree with those who’ve commented that the root cause of the decline in performance had to have been leadership on the pitch – not helped of course by some poor handling.
    Having seen Italy get back to only six points down by halftime, our fan group fully expected to see our pack grind it out to help re-establish some ascendancy. Never happened (so far as I recall – haven’t watched a recording yet).
    Extremely disappointing for the away fans to witness it, especially as it was the biggest contingent of Scotland fans I can remember seeing there since the early 00s.

  43. Quesada has improved Italy more in one season than Townsend’s improved Scotland in seven years. The same failings, the same problems, the same coachable errors, psychological frailties and poor game-management, round after round. Time to go.

  44. Hamish Watson, Jamie Bhatti and Glen Young have been released from Scotland squad. They have been replaced by Ally Miller, Alex Samuel and Max Williamson

    1. Oh well, that’s sure to help. Let’s replace 3 players who didn’t make the team last week with another three who won’t make the team.

  45. I agree Kinghorn is a show pony, he causes more consternation whenever he gets involved. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to take high balls or tackle anyone. He must know that as an International 15 he is expected to do both. Also unfortunately, Van Der Merwe can’t tackle, therefore we have two of the back three who go AWOL when we are under attack. After a punt through behind the defence against France which led to a try, it also happened twice against Italy. So who is at fault, hmmmm let me guess.
    Next week I’ll be hiding behind my fingers expecting Ireland to completely demolish us. Then a best possible finish (2nd) ends up with us fourth.

  46. Fifth is out of the question if you don’t think Italy will beat Wales by 42 clear points. Which I don’t. More than likely we’ll end up third.
    However, if you think what could have been with wins over Wales, France, England and Italy, then it’s a bitter pill to swallow that from possible table toppers going into week five, we need a miracle to come third.
    Such though are the what if’s that come from being a Scottish rugby fan.

  47. Italy could get 5 pt bonus point win with us losing with no points, which would put us below Italy, so not impossible

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