Podcast: Episode 131 – The Ali Price Doppler Effect

On this week’s podcast Cammy and John look back at Scotland’s away win to Wales in the final weekend of the Six Nations and ponder whether Scotland have the away monkey off their back.

Elsewhere we chat about the price of Lion’s tickets at Murrayfield, why young pro players take so long to settle in Scotland and get emotional about Roy Laidlaw.

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13 comments on “Podcast: Episode 131 – The Ali Price Doppler Effect

  1. Referendum on

    Enjoyed once again….are you aware you are advertising Joe Marlers new podcast on ur advertising slots….lol just thought it was rather ironic.

  2. Grant on

    Ali P is actually very fast , he is moving at close to the speed of light , which consequentially leads to the dilation of time , which then looks slow to us in the external frame of reference.

  3. Crack of Doom on

    I can understand why Hogg will not want to step up at 10. France will be a challenge for anyone and that half back pair will be lively , especially for someone who is usually well away from the congestion. Shame though, lots of options to fill 15. Duncan Weir for me, brave , selfless, team player who values the jersey.

      • FF on

        I really don’t get the obsession with Hogg at 10. He doesn’t play there, it neutralises the best part of his game (broken field running) and it means one of our few world class players will be playing out of position. Much rather run Weir there and just have Hogg for emergencies.

      • Crack of Doom on

        I didnt want to say that Neil. Thank goodness you read between the lines. Yes Hogg would be in harms way at 10.

        Duncan Weir will do a good job, he will make the odd mistake and he will be crucified for it. Hopefully he wont drop the ball over the line , we would banish him for that one.

    • Ting on

      In reality he doesn’t play 10 because he is a World Class 15 who gets through an absolute truck load of work playing there and playing him at 10 in anything other than an emergency is serving very little short/medium or long term purpose.

  4. Ting on

    I agreed about most of the Price comments, he is class, utterly bossed the game, took control when he had lost 2 x 10s and had a FB playing 10.

    slow ball has always been a really tired trope of Rugby fans often said without any context, purpose or tactical meaning behind it – just all a bit Mike Bassett Rugby manager.

    • Nessie on

      Agree with both Tings comments. The key positions require players familiar with the positions. Wee Dunc at 10 should be a certainty. Also agree Price was good, especially closing out the game. Why do wee Scots always want a different skill-set from the incumbent 9.

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