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Podcast: Episode 126 – Ryan Wilson’s Periodicals


On this week’s podcast Cammy, Iain and John take a look at Scottish players in Europe, preview the Pro 12/14/16 and chat about the South African expansion. Elsewhere we ask whether cows drink cow milk, whether you can catch coronavirus in Connaught in that wind and whether their sin bin sofa is Covid-19 secure.

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37 Responses

  1. Much as I like ‘Demolition Man’, Schneider’s best film is ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’.

    Also, when was the last time Sexton actually played a good game? Or Murray, for that matter. I think it might be 2018.

      1. What a pointless, irrelevant comment. You should be involved in the presidential debates; your talents are wasted here!

  2. Ill be rooting for Racing and Finn, but Hoggy and Jonny lifting the cup would be a silver lining to the most boring team in Europe winning.

    Hunter Hill will be in the autumn squad. I think hes going to be remembered as the one that got away for Edinburgh in years to come.

    1. Did CHH not leave Edinburgh due to some undisclosed disciplinary reasons?

      Much as I dislike Sarries I’d be happy for them to take more promising young Scottish players or guys who’re losing their way in Scotland’s goldfish bowl. I’d love it if Huw Jones went there!

      1. FF : Kelly Brown, now back in Scotland has the right network to forge the Sarries conveyor. As an ex academy coach that could be a two way exchange. I can see where you are going with that one.

      2. Chh has been getting pretty regular game time too, I have watch about half a dozen games, think he even has a few tries too. No idea what happened at Edinburgh but he was a noticeable absense from their farewell video of players who left last season, during the club awards last night

  3. This chat about Exeter racist branding is garbage. Explain how it is racist. It is a bit out of place but not racist. Get a grip.

    1. I think people have a very broad spectrum for what qualifies as racism nowadays.

      There is clearly no malice or hatred directed towards Native Americans going on, that would be racism for me.

      1. Exactly, this narrative seems to be everywhere nowadays…. some of us just want to focus on rugby n not have to put up with virtue signalling by every industry out there. I support any just cause but i don’t want it shoved down my throat at every turn

      2. Eli – I think the reason there is a broader ‘spectrum’ of what is considered racism today is because the meaning of racism is increasingly being decided by people who are subjected to it.

        For example, in the past people thought there was no malice to displaying golliwogs, yet unquestionably they reproduced harmful and offensive stereotypes about black people that really did feed into racism that had ‘malice’.

        So maybe the question is, who decides what is racist and what is harmless?

    2. I do not think you are saying this but there is of course zero parallel between the Chiefs branding and golliwogs. Nor has it been raised by anyone with skin in the game or subjected to it. Nor is there any attempt to gloss over the shameful historical treatment of the West Country native Americans. The problem is this sort of crap cheapens real racism with actual victims.

      1. If you can’t even be bothered to do some basic research on the internet about the Exeter Chiefs branding then don’t bother posting deliberately provocative comments on the blog. There’s enough information out there about why the branding is racist including from Native Americans and First Nation peoples. There have also been countless studies into the harmful psychological effects of stereotyping on Native American and First Nation people so cut the crap about “real victims” because this is a very real and live issue.

        This is a rugby blog and podcast and this is an issue in rugby. We are going to continue covering issues like this. If you don’t want it “rammed down your throat” then your welcome to go elsewhere. We’re a fan blog not a public or professional service. If you’re a Patreon you’re welcome to cancel your subscription.

        If this comes over as a rant it’s because it is because I’m fed up of people trying to minimise racism with ludicrous whataboutery.

        That’s the end of the discussion on this. Anyone wants to come back feel free but I’ll probably just ban you because these views aren’t welcome here.

        Hope that’s clear enough.

      2. Well said, Cammy. Rugby doesn’t exist in a bubble and prides itself on adherence to values based on equality and inclusiveness. These are more vital than ever, and it heartens me when I see us living to it.

    3. I believe it’s based on the premise that caricatures reinforce negative stereotypes and when you caricature a race that makes it racist. It’s not rocket science, although some chumps confuse xenophobia and racism. My question is: if they’re so proud of being Devonian and locally sourced and all that, why not reflect it in your identity? It’s just weird to decide to base your identity on a Native American stereotype. And that chant is really annoying.

  4. They should have just dropped the ‘chiefs’ and then they would be the Exeter nobodys, which is what they will be when they lose the final.Ha ha.

  5. I am slightly unclear. There is talk RE Adam Hastings maybe playing in a different position. I totally agree that Finn is number one choice to start at 10 but I do feel that we need another option in that position. I like the idea of a mercurial backline where Hastings could potentially switch it up (as we discussed on a recent thread) but he isn’t going to switch permanently is he? Obviously if he feels more comfortable and confident in another position then he should play there but I do worry we sometimes become a bit over reliant on Russell.

    1. I really do not like Townsend picking players out of position. It is not mercurial it is just tinkering and self destructive. It just confuses us and tells the opposition we don’t have confidence in our squad. It tells our players we don’t have confidence in them, IMO.

      Hastings is an adequate replacement, he is only 23 and building his experience. We have depth in most positions now it is time to win.

      1. Where’s this chat?

        Don’t think Hastings is so good we need to squeeze him in anywhere when Russell returns (not to mention the fact the Finn is not going to start every game this autumn).

        We have a crop of good centres, not sure Johnson/Harris is the right blend but no need to resort to playing our second choice 10

  6. Agree. Jones at 15, Steyn at wing find themselves in similar limbo.
    Standards are raised by competition for places not by ‘he can do a job’ etc. Shuffling can build depth but risks diminution of talent, form & confidence.
    Likewise the dismissive ‘aye but can he kick with his other foot’ as spurious justification for non-selection/perserverance with coaches favourite under pressure is maddening.

    Derek Stark, Roly Reid, Hutchinson & the aforementioned Jones spring to mind.

    1. I really don’t understand the need to do the draws now, particularly given current circumstances. It’s a bit of a farce.

      1. It is not a farce, we are not victims. No one is going to stand up to defend Scotland. Because from the outside looking in , under Toony , Scotland have never beaten Ireland ,Wales and Japan (Tier 2) , or the USA . Nothing has changed !!

      2. It’s WR: they’re muppets. They’ve never provided a legitimate reason for doing the draws so far in advance. “Farce” is exactly right.

      3. They don’t need to they are WR. They are not muppets, that is nonsense. It is always someone else’s fault. The quicker we face up to it the better. We put ourselves there.

        Lets see where we are at the end of the 6N. I will be back to remind you, nothing has changed.

      4. Well, they are muppets. They were muppets before the last RWC, during it and after it. They have made a nonsensical decision, and you think that’s our fault? What kind of ludicrous anti-logic is that?

      5. Well it is anti your logic , that always tends to get an amusing response. Calling people ‘muppets’ is no logic or reason at all. Besides , I liked the muppets, and don’t appreciate them being insulted !

        They have given a reason, whether it is ‘legitimate’ depends on your interpretation and what other options they could have taken. Personally , I am disappointed but not surprised.

        They could have taken their own world rankings and we would have been tier 2, however there is a statement that says it all for me : ‘Japan haven’t played any games’. World rugby cannot have that , with the playing numbers in Japan growing.

        However , we could have avoided it , all we had to do was get out the group and we did not. We put ourselves there and I put that firmly on the shoulders of one man.

        The consequences are mounting.

      6. They have made a poor decision, one that needn’t have been made, presumably to benefit Japan. They even implicitly acknowledge that it’s a poor decision by recommending that future draws take place one year from the WC. As their actions are causing the negative effects, the fault is theirs. It’s simple. Blaming the team for a decision that they could not have foreseen – and should not be expected to foresee – is nonsensical.

        That said, I don’t particularly care, WR have form for this kind of ineptitude.

        We can agree about the Muppets, though. ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’ is a brilliant Christmas film.

  7. They don’t need to, they are WR. They are not muppets, that is nonsense. They are not the best but the answer to this is much closer to home. It is always someone else’s fault. The quicker we face up to it the better. We put ourselves there.

    Lets see where we are at the end of the 6N. I will be back to remind you, nothing has changed and what we need to do.

  8. Scotland exited the RWC at the group stage , Japan progressed. I agree we could not have anticipated the extent of the consequences . We left ourselves vulnerable and as a result of the disruption WR made a decision. It is another first.

    Wales are in tier 1 , despite being ranked 6th. That has got to be an opportunity. It does mean that they will not field a strong team against us but they cannot win the 6N and dont need their WR to maintain tier 1 status. We will never get a better chance to hump them, surely !!!

  9. I’ve never understood WR picking the groups so far ahead of a RWC. So much can change in 3 years that it just doesn’t make sense. I can’t see how it is needed for logistics, other sports manage with much less time to prepare. A year ahead surely makes much more sense, particularly as it would start to build excitement for the coming tournament. 3 years out and the draw is a bit, “meh”.

    Having said that, we are where we are because Scottish teams (club and country) continue to lose big games that they could/should have won. Same reason why there won’t be many Scottish Lions next year (if it goes ahead). Hopefully over the next three years we can move on from this to becoming one of those teams that win games that they have no right to have won, seemingly by sheer belligerence and force of will.

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